'Dancing With The Stars' Feud: Nyle DiMarco Out For Blood In Feud With Val

Dancing with the Stars fan favorite Nyle DiMarco is doing the competition for one reason only: he wants to win. He works hard every week to get perfect scores, and this week, he managed to get his perfect 10 from a judge. DiMarco was thrilled with the Dancing with the Stars judges who gave him great scores. And while Nyle has been dominating the leaderboard, producers wanted to know what he thought about the competition. And rather than pick a celebrity, he saw a professional dancer as his biggest competition.

According to a new Radar Online report, Dancing with the Stars' Nyle DiMarco isn't apologizing for his comments about comparing himself to a professional dancer. Of course, DiMarco was a big arrogant on Dancing with the Stars this week, as his performance fell flat for some of the judges. Maybe he was a bit quick to compare himself to an expert dancer. It all started when he answered a producer's question about his competition.

"I think my competition right now is Val," DiMarco, 26, said on Monday night's episode, referring to 30-year-old professional dancer, Val Chmerkovskiy.

The comment did receive some interesting reactions, especially since Val isn't competing directly with Val. Instead, Chmerkovskiy is paired up with Ginger Zee, who is Nyle's competition. And the couple is performing well and the competition is stiff. The comment rubbed people the wrong way, including judge Len Goodman. He called the comparison "ridiculous."

Of course, there have been stories about Nyle and Val in the media. For a while, the two weren't really talking to one another because of DiMarco's partnership with Peta Murgatroyd. Peta is engaged to Val's brother, Maksim. The two got engaged in December, and they have been planning their wedding ever since. But when Peta was paired with Nyle on this season of Dancing with the Stars, she became protective of him.

Apparently, many of the Dancing with the Stars contestants ignored DiMarco for a long time because he is deaf. Maybe they felt that they couldn't talk to him or felt odd being around him. According to another Radar Online report, Peta became very protective of him and wasn't pleased with the rest of the Dancing with the Stars cast. And Val, her future brother-in-law, didn't think that their friendship was appropriate. This issue has fizzled over the past couple of weeks, but the feud may have been reignited when he compared himself to Val.

And sources from Dancing with the Stars are revealing that the feud is definitely getting personal. Apparently, DiMarco is tired of playing the nice guy and is tired of Val's behavior on Dancing with the Stars.

"Nyle is absolutely OVER playing nice guy and he is not taking it anymore," a source has revealed, adding, "He is tired of keeping his mouth shut and is going to start putting everyone on blast. Val has been extremely rude to him and Nyle is not having it any longer. He is in it to win it and is out for blood."

This week, the two exchanged tweets and the professional dancer revealed that he was thankful for the shoutout. And while the exchanges on Twitter were mild, sources from Dancing with the Stars reveal that the friendship is far from civil. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward. Since Chmerkovskiy has addressed the comment on Twitter, it is possible that viewers won't see any more of this conversation on Dancing with the Stars.

What did you think of Nyle DiMarco's comment on Dancing with the Stars? Do you think he crossed the line, or do you think more is going on behind the scenes?

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