Lisa Vanderpump Slams Eileen Davidson: ‘It Was A Great Example Of Hypocrisy’

Lisa Vanderpump faced some harsh criticism from her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on last night's reunion special. Vanderpump learned that Yolanda Hadid wasn't really sure whether she was telling her the truth, especially when it came to Munchausen's. Yolanda revealed that she couldn't really tell whether Lisa had her best interest at heart, because she felt she had been manipulated a few times. In her blog, Lisa could have addressed Yolanda's accusations, but she decides to spend the majority of her blog talking about Eileen Davidson.

According to a new Bravo report, Lisa Vanderpump wants to share her side of the story when it comes to Eileen Davidson. Vanderpump was shocked that Eileen was so upset about the "affair" question. Lisa had merely asked her when the affair started between Davidson and her husband, and she didn't expect to be the villain.

"I see things clearly now. Clarity has descended, maybe I should've retaliated aggressively at the reunion, but I refuse to wallow in the murky quagmire in which they swim. It was an arduous few weeks that I emerged from bruised, but emotionally intact as I focus on all the positivities that life has to offer...," Lisa Vanderpump explains in her blog after the reunion show.

In her blog, Lisa explains that she had no idea that Davidson was upset with her for making such a comment about her marriage. As Vanderpump explains, Eileen never said anything that day about the comment. She never said anything about the comment when they were at dinner at Bethenny Frankel's home, and she never said anything in private between the two. It wasn't until days had passed that Davidson finally confronted Lisa about the comment, which was confusing to Vanderpump. And she saw this as a complete blindside.

"It wasn't until that last day when she blindsided me and stated how hurt she was. I was mystified, I knew I had no intention of hurting her," Lisa Vanderpump explains in her blog, adding that her co-star is a bit of a hypocrite, adding, "It is a great example of hypocrisy. ED can mimic my accent, repeatedly, call me manipulative, ruin a vacation, scream at me to the point of tears, relentlessly pursue a verbal attack, and goad LR as I sit there and her feel no apology is due from her."

But that isn't all Lisa Vanderpump has to say. She ends her blog with a dig at Eileen. The two have been going at it on Twitter for a few days and Davidson told Lisa to come forward and tell the truth. In that tweet, she also told Lisa to get a conscience. And Vanderpump reveals that she does have a conscience and she makes a dig about dishonesty, bullying, and physical violence -- and points it right at Davidson.

"And in regard to someone's statement, I do have a conscience, one that has allowed me to live an honest, altruistic life, with a loving marriage and raised two socially conscious children that I have hopefully set a good example to... Not to indulge in dishonesty, bullying, and physical violence...," Vanderpump reveals, adding, "Which begs the question..."

Given how they have been fighting back and forth, this comment is just another bucket of fuel on the fire. Surely, Davidson will read her blog and retaliate in some way of another. And this feud could continue well into the next season of the show.

What do you think of Lisa Vanderpump's blog for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion? Do you think she makes a valid point or have you changed your mind after watching the second part of the reunion show?

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