Kathryn Edwards Hints Kim Richards’ Sobriety Is More Important Than ‘RHOBH’ Drama

Kathryn Edwards stayed somewhat silent during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, as she doesn't really have a stake in the Munchausen's drama. Edwards has previously revealed her stance in the drama, and it sounds like her mind hasn't changed at all. Kathryn would probably prefer to stay out of the drama that has been going on with Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, and Lisa Vanderpump. But when Kim Richards joined the group to talk about her sobriety and her relationship with her sister, Edwards broke down in tears.

According to a new Bravo report, Kathryn Edwards found it hard to sit on the stage and talk about addiction and sobriety. As Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans know, Edwards' father died due to suicide over addiction issues. And while the show was airing, Kathryn Edwards' nephew Cooper died from an overdose. So when Edwards listened to Kim's struggles, it hit home for her.

"This will be short and sweet as I feel I have said everything before and my view on those things hasn't changed," Kathryn reveals on her blog, adding that she got very emotional while watching Kim Richards and Kyle talk about their addiction issues.

Of course, Andy Cohen wanted to ask Kim about her addiction issues and the arrest that happened while the ladies were filming. Richards had been arrested for shoplifting, so the ladies were curious as to what was going on. But Kim revealed that she couldn't talk about it because it was an on-going court case. And while she was talking about her issues, Kathryn Edwards broke down. Maybe Edwards remembered her own family struggles.

"It's difficult to watch anyone you love and care about fight addiction. Seeing Kyle and Kim struggle through the feelings and try to put it back together made me very emotional, because I know how important that is," Kathryn reveals on her blog, sharing that it was simply too much because it had only been a few weeks since her own nephew had passed from an overdose.

"I was overly sensitive to everything, especially this, because of my family's struggles. It's tough, it's draining, but when it's your family or your loved ones...you keep picking up the pieces and trying to put it back together, because the alternative isn't better. I could never turn my back on someone while they are fighting the fight. I understand that some people have to walk away for their own survival, but I would hope that those of us that are healthy and well have empathy for those in the struggle," Edwards reveals on her blog, adding, "It feels diminutive to talk about anything else. Every other issue pales in comparison to health and well-being."

It is clear that Kathryn finds the drama between the ladies minuscule in comparison to everything that's going on in real life. Kyle hasn't really said much about her sister this season, and it is possible that she wanted to protect her. But as Kyle got to know Kathryn, she learned that they had plenty in common when it comes to addiction, drugs, alcohol, and family trust.

No word on whether Kathryn Edwards wants to return for a second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It's no secret that she finds the drama between the ladies petty compared to what she's gone through and she doesn't appreciate the negative comments she got on social media.

What do you think of Kathryn Edwards breaking down during the reunion special? Do you think she should return for a second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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