One Direction Singer Louis Tomlinson Was Seen Arguing With Danielle At Coachella But Getting Along Wonderfully With Briana

Louis Tomlinson is juggling the two women in his life. Briana Jungwirth, the mother of his son, is enjoying a shared parenting experience with Tomlinson. While there was once enough affection between the couple to bring forth a life, the One Direction star broke up with Jungwirth before either of them were aware little Freddie was growing within Briana. By the time Tomlinson found out, he was already involved in a relationship with Danielle Campbell.

One Direction is currently taking a hiatus, and one of the many reasons for the break is so that Tomlinson can bond with his infant son. Tomlinson has devoted the lion’s share of his extended vacation to being a father.

While Louis Tomlinson usually enjoys a good relationship with both women, there are rumors about the rivalry between his girlfriend and his baby’s mother. Briana Jungwirth had reportedly objected to Danielle Campbell interacting with her son, fearing he would form an attachment to the woman that would later be painful if the One Direction heartthrob broke up with Danielle. Besides, Jungwirth wanted no confusion in Little Freddie’s mind about who his mother is.

Louis Tomlinson is enjoying his everyday life with his son, Freddie, and the child’s mother, Briana Jungwirth. Apparently, their relationship is very comfortable. They have agreed to co-parent little Freddie and are spending loads of time together without Danielle Campbell around. Contact with Danielle seems limited to dates while he sees Briana daily.

Danielle Campbell girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson [Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]

One Direction band members are in the press all the time despite limited data about their real lives, so it isn’t really unusual that speculation arises about their relationships. Briana Jungwirth and her family were recently demonized in the media. Briana’s 23-year-old cousin Ashley Jessica set the record straight in an interview with Celebs Now.

“There’s nothing negative between them – they’re co-parenting and doing a great job. She’s not [demanding $20,000 a month from Louis]. People believe these things which is why we all get so much hate. She’s asking for a reasonable amount and is living a good life.”

Louis Tomlinson has enjoyed a great relationship with Jungwirth in the past, and it is a relief to fans to know those nasty rumors are not true. It has been rumored that Louis and Briana were arguing over financial support as well as custody and visitation, but thanks to cousin Ashley Jessica, we now know this is not true. Briana is not trying to take advantage of the One Direction millionaire, at least not financially.

“Briana is an amazing mum, Freddie is incredibly handsome and he looks exactly like Louis. [Louis sees Freddie] every single day. He’s a really good dad and is in constant communication with Briana.”

Wow, Louis Tomlinson is in constant communication with Briana Jungwirth. One has to wonder how Danielle Campbell feels about this? It must be hard for her, especially if those rumors are true and she cannot be in the presence of the baby. That means Campbell can’t interrupt Jungwirth when she’s with Louis, but Tomlinson can and likely does interrupt dates with Campbell to check with Jungwirth about the baby.

Louis Tomlinson allegedly lost his temper with Danielle Campbell during their date night at Coachella. Things got heated when Louis and Danielle broke into an argument in public. The couple had been dancing, when suddenly a fight between the two suddenly erupted. Fans who witnessed this were shocked, according to Unreality TV. The two are always pictured in tweets as serene and affectionate, but apparently, the couple had a major disagreement. The adored One Direction singer was visibly angry and apparently speaking to her in a scolding tone, according to witnesses. No one was close enough to hear the conversation. Campbell allegedly put on her sunglasses to hide her tears.

Danielle Campbell girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson by Jason Kempin

Enjoying the One Direction hiatus, Tomlinson has been spending time with both women, alleging Danielle Campbell is his true girlfriend and downplaying Briana Jungwirth’s role as just the mother of his child, but how does he really feel? As for Briana’s feelings, her cousin expressed them beautifully.

“I don’t know what it is they’d like me to say. They had their relationship and there was something special there… Feelings are feelings and you can’t help that. You love who you love – it’s just bad timing.”

Louis Tomlinson may have to make some tough decisions about his feelings in the future, or maybe those decisions will make themselves as time progresses. If Jungwirth thinks it is all a matter of timing, that infers she believes Danielle Campbell will eventually go away. That would give her the opportunity to at least stand a chance of ending up with the One Direction heartthrob, who is the father of her child. That may well be the case.

Louis Tomlinson is caught up in a triangle whether he realizes it yet or not.

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