'Real Housewives' Kim Richards Says That Reality Shows Are Not Good For Her Sobriety

In what seems like a fairly obvious statement, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kim Richards finally has acknowledged that reality shows are not the place to get or stay sober. Surely, being on a reality show is easier than getting an actual job, but there are challenges to sobriety everywhere.

According to the Inquisitr, even the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been concerned about Kim Richards maintaining her sobriety with all of the things going on in her life. Her former husband, Monty Brinson, just died, and Richards went on a reality show about confrontation with her daughter, Kimberly Jackson. Kim Richards had two arrests over the last year, while she was still drinking, one for drunken disorderly at a Beverly Hills Hotel, and the other after shoplifting at Target.

But Radar Online reports that Kim Richards came back to the RHOBH reunion and talked at length about her addiction and struggles, but her attacks on the other women haven't changed, as she still thinks at least Lisa Rinna is out to get her. Richards insists that Rinna continues to attack her character.

Kim Richards explained to Andy Cohen that RHOBH has not helped her to stay on track.

"When I took the first drink [that] was my low point."
Kathryn Edwards and Eileen Davidson of RHOBH expressed concern for Kim Richards, and her struggle for sobriety. But Richards only wanted to rant about Lisa Rinna, and said that it was dangerous that Lisa Rinna talked about the erratic behavior of Kim Richards, and her relapse. But Lisa Rinna stood her ground.
"I lost my sister to addiction. I know addiction. I wish you well. I want you to be happy."
Kim Richards seemed to have a lightbulb moment when she finally linked reality television to her challenges with sobriety.
Perez Hilton explained that the environment was tense when Kim Richards joined the RHOBH cast, because though Richards wanted to come on and claim she is sober, she seemed really there to again pick a fight. The bad blood between Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna seemed to start in Holland, and Richards has kept it going ever since.

After the Holland trip, Richards says she fell off the wagon and had some hard times. Rinna claimed that people who are sober don't randomly take other people's drugs (Kim Richards admitted to taking some of ex-husband Monty Brinson's pain medication while he was struggling with cancer). Fair point, but Rinna is not an expert.

But Lisa Rinna is not done at least questioning the sobriety of Kim Richards, and being leery of her sobriety,

But according to Reality Tea, Kim Richards has a new challenge ahead, and that is getting a new title: Grandma. Brooke Wiederhorn, the daughter of Kim Richards and Monty Brinson, is pregnant, and expecting a boy.

Brooke married Thayer Wiederhorn last year in Kathy Hilton's back yard so that Monty Brinson could walk her down the aisle. Wiederhorn announced her pregnancy to Richards and the rest of her family on Easter, with an all blue Easter basket.

Do you think that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kim Richards can stay sober, even while still on reality television?

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