Dove's 'Love Your Hair' Commercial Gets 3.3 Million YouTube Views [Video]

Dove's "Love Your Hair" commercial is striking a big chord among viewers, so much so that YouTube reports the video has amassed more than 3.35 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on April 21.

It's no wonder that Dove's "Love Your Hair" ad is gaining so much attention. Dove displays a variety of women and the reactions and feedback they've gotten about their own hairstyles. Some of that feedback on their hair has been negative, so Dove has provided a platform for women to share and talk about how to love their own hair despite any negative comments received.

In Dove's "Love Your Hair" commercial, the first woman displayed has a huge mane of curly hair. In the "Love Your Hair" commercial's voiceover, the woman with the big curly hair relates that another woman told her she had "big hair" that she needed to do something about, as if the big, curly hair needed to be tamed and wasn't good enough.

Next, a woman conveys that because she is Asian, she grew up believing that she couldn't be blonde, because "Asians just didn't do that." As she runs her fingers through her blonde bob of hair, the Asian woman shows that she is beautifully defying social norms and stereotypes in Dove's "Love Your Hair" ad.

Following her is a woman named Aster, who said that she had been criticized for straightening her hair, as if straightening her hair meant that she didn't embrace who she was and her own ethnicity.

A woman with gorgeous eyes and a full healthy head of long gray hair then explains that a friend once told her if she put color back on her hair, she'd look better. As the woman gets out of her vehicle and lets her long mane of gray hair blow in the wind, she chastens others to stop saying gray hair isn't beautiful.

Curly hair isn't professional -- at least that's what one woman with long curly hair said she was told as she appears in the Dove "Love Your Hair" commercial.

Finally, a woman with long and very colorful hair emerges from an elevator, proclaiming that when she tells people she's a financial analyst, they are very surprised. Indeed, corporations tend to be the last ones to embrace the "artistic" look that's long been accepted in other creative venues.

The soundtrack of Dove's "Love Your Hair" commercial encourages people to express themselves and to use their hair to do so, ignoring societal pressures to look a certain way.

In the video's description, Dove explains why their "Love Your Hair" commercial seeks to expand what folks deem is beautiful, which includes hairstyles beyond one standard type or color.

"8 out of 10 women feel pressured to wear their hair a certain way. Dove Hair is on a mission to broaden the definition of beautiful hair by celebrating all hair–not because it conforms to someone else's beauty standards–but because it makes you feel beautiful. Join us in celebrating a beautiful range of textures, lengths, and colors."

Beneath the Dove "Love Your Hair" commercial on YouTube, viewers are leaving feedback that proves how much they love the fact that Dove chose to tackle the hair issue with such grace.

"Dove campaigns are so amazing. I love how it brings out the confidence in you unlike other companies such as Victoria Secret having those really skinny models with long 'perfect' hair and all that. Dove is one of the very few big companies that actually influence body confidence and positivity. They're doing a great job."
Dove continues to win positive feedback for the "Love Your Hair" ad.

"Not only am I a huge fan of your products, I am a huge fan of what you do for your customers. Thank you so much for being a company that embraces the beauty of each individual woman despite what society says is the "right" way to look. Our worth is not how we look but in our hearts."

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