'General Hospital' Spoilers: Julian Betrays Alexis, Someone Watches Jason And Sam, And Dillon Grows Closer To Kiki

What is coming up on Wednesday's episode of General Hospital? Spoilers indicate that Julian will make a move that could put his marriage to Alexis in jeopardy, while Hayden/Rachel is back in the mix and facing some difficult moments. Kristina will be considering a big decision, and viewers will get more action related to Dillon, Kiki, Jason, and Sam, as well, during the April 27 show.

As viewers saw during Tuesday's episode, Jason and Sam talked about their past with Franco and decided to head off on a motorcycle ride. However, someone is following them. As General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps detail, Jason and Sam will end up stopping at a barn and they share some intimate moments. However, the person who followed them as they left on the motorcycle will be outside the barn watching them. Just who is keeping an eye on them like this, and for what reason?

Dillon made up an excuse to visit Kiki and try to persuade her to leave the apartment with him, and while she saw through his ruse, she did accept his invitation to get a bit of fresh air. Kiki is obviously still struggling with the trauma she endured during the pier incident, but it looks like Dillon may be the one to help her move forward. General Hospital spoilers hint at a romance developing here, but it will clearly be a slow-moving process.

Many in Port Charles are scrambling after the mysterious witness showed up, saying that he witnessed Duke's murder. Viewers feel pretty certain that Sonny orchestrated this sudden witness appearing, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Julian will take great steps to eliminate this threat to his freedom. Julian made a call during Tuesday's episode to have the threat eliminated, and it would appear that this witness is about to get killed off before he can do any further damage to Carlos' case.

Alexis will be asking Julian some pointed questions about his involvement in the case, as she heard him on the phone with Hammer giving orders. General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps detail that Julian will be betraying his wife's trust, as he will hide the truth about the phone call. However, when the witness turns up dead, she will surely make the connection and realize that Julian had lied.

Alexis has already committed to staying with her husband despite his past misdeeds, but she does not realize that Julian is back in the mob again and making dangerous moves to ensure he stays out of jail. Viewers can bet that these newlyweds will be facing some heartbreaking moments over all of this not too far down the road.

Fans have not seen much of Hayden/Rachel lately, but that is about to change. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she is back in the mix during this next episode, but she will be having a rough time of it. She will be having a chat with Curtis and he tells her to grab the money she can and get out of Port Charles. As Celeb Dirty Laundry shares, Tracy and Hayden will chat during Wednesday's show, and it sounds as if that is what propels Hayden to consider leaving town.

Now that the Quartermaine family has ELQ back, General Hospital spoilers note that Tracy will tell Hayden that she is out of the picture. It seems this will propel Hayden to open up to Curtis about the mess she is now in and that's when he urges her to take what she can get and head elsewhere. However, it sounds as if she will still be banking on her tenuous relationship with Nikolas to turn things around, and she won't be ready to go anywhere yet.

Tracy is on the road to recovery, but she does not want Dr. Finn to be leaving Port Charles. Dr. Obrecht is anxious to push him out of town, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Tracy will be adamant that he stick around. As this all plays out, it seems that Monica will be finding a way to ensure she can keep Finn on staff. There is plenty more mystery to play out yet regarding Finn, and viewers should not worry too much about him going anywhere yet.

Kristina has been struggling with her sexuality and she recently opened up to big sister Sam about her struggles. Sam gave her some heartfelt advice and General Hospital spoilers detail that Kristina may find herself ready to embrace her sister's insight. Teasers share that she will talk with Morgan about what she's been going through, and it seems a new guy named Aaron is about to pop up and take notice of Kristina.

Will both Carlos and Anna manage to get out of jail as this is all sorted out? Can Alexis and Julian save their marriage as they face these mob-related obstacles? Who is following Jason and Sam, and why? Spoilers tease that there is plenty more drama on the way, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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