Mariah Carey: Star Demands Mountain Be Lit Up For Her To Pay Tribute To Prince

Ever the diva, Mariah Carey has demanded some last-minute alterations for her arrival and performance of her "Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour" in Cape Town, South Africa. Obviously coming from a good place, Carey has insisted that the city help her pay a tribute to the passing of musical icon Prince, who died last week.

However, the manner the diva wishes to pay honor is no small feat. Mariah has demanded that Table Mountain be lit up with purple lights to remind onlookers to pay their respects to the Purple One following his passing. The mother-of-two does have a reputation for making extravagant demands, so the tour organizers are seeking to meet her request without hesitation as Mariah begins the South African leg of her tour.

Mariah Carey, as noted, has made a number of outrageous requests at previous shows, which has been the reason the singer has been given her diva title.

The Daily Mail shares a couple of these.

"Previous dressing room wish lists from the touring superstar have included having white kittens and white doves backstage."

The publication relays the importance of Table Mountain by way of officials who indicate that the mountain is a world wonder that is only typically lit up for very special occasions and cultural celebrations.

"Table Mountain, which is one of the Wonders of the World, is lit up only for rare occasions which have 'particular cultural, historical or traditional significance for the people of Cape Town or South Africa. The area is a national park and home to a unique population of birds, animals and insects who risk being distressed by bright lights, they added."

Tour organizers share that Carey has requested that the mountain glows purple while she is performing at the stadium nearby to pay tribute to her friend who passed. Although work is being done to meet Carey's demand, organizers are still worried that the diva may be upset when she performs and looks out to darkness as opposed to a purple glow.

Mariah has maintained her diva title recently for other reasons as well. The singer showed up nearly an hour late for her Amsterdam show, later stating that she was at a birthday party. Once she did arrive onstage, Carey complained about the on-stage fans used during her performance.

"She sulked to the crowed: 'Urgh, these fans, I just want to fix them. It's just never how I want it,' she lamented, attempting to move the devices herself. 'Don't you think that if I want the fans to blow air ­appropriately then that's what we need to have. Why are there so many things that I must do myself around here?'"

This wasn't the first time Carey was late on this specific tour. Last month, the singer showed up 45 minutes late to her Leeds show and was booed by the crowd. When analyzing the star's current situation, it's easy to see why she can simply demand and receive, not to mention show up to shows late without repercussion.

The diva has enjoyed one successful start to the year, which was topped off with an engagement to her billionaire beau James Packer, as Just Jared shares. With enough ice to skate on, a hit Vegas residency, a successful tour, and a wedding on the horizon, Mariah seems to have the world by the tail and lives her life knowing just that. Over the decades Carey has been in the music industry, she has certainly earned her prominent place in the world of entertainment. Her diva ways and remarkable talent are what set her apart from the pack.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]