'Arrow' Season 4 Spoilers — Will The Tragic Loss Of Laurel Lance Bring Oliver And Felicity Back Together?

Despite ending their engagement, there is a chance that Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) might get back together in the near future. Laurel Lance/Black Canary's (Katie Cassidy) tragic death on Arrow could be the catalyst for this reunion and push Felicity to rejoin the team. Will this open the door for a reconciliation between her and Oliver?

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently told TV Line that Felicity has a couple of things to consider before making a return to Team Arrow. For starters, her decision to end her engagement with Oliver also meant abandoning the team. Fortunately for fans, one of these outcomes will be remedied in the coming episode.

"There are two issues," Guggenheim explained in the interview. "She's broken up with Oliver and she's also broken up with the team essentially. And in Episode 19, we'll see the undoing of one of those decisions."

Although this is good news for fans, creator Wendy Mericle left open the possibility that Felicity could return and not re-unite with Oliver, or vice-versa.

"One does not mean the other is going to happen," Mericle told the outlet. "She could come back to the team, and that does not mean that she's back together with Oliver."

Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance/Black Canary
Katie Cassidy played Laurel Lance/Black Canary through four seasons of 'Arrow.' [Image via The CW]

According to Enstarz, a return to Team Arrow would not be that surprising for Felicity. In the last installment, Thea attempted to convince Felicity to return in order to catch the Bug-Eyed Bandit. Although she ultimately declined the offer, it was clear that Felicity enjoys the vigilante life.

As Mericle went on to explain, Felicity has a passion for fighting crime that is separate from her love for Oliver. Not only does this give her a reason to return to the team, it also means that she can do so without getting back with Oliver.

"We started off this season with Felicity really wanting to come back and do this because she herself enjoys this kind of vigilante lifestyle, but that is separate from Oliver," Mericle explained. "In [the Season 4 premiere], he didn't want to; it was more about her making herself happy than anything else. So she'll be grappling in some ways with that."

Will Oliver and Felicity be able to repair their broken relationship? [Image via The CW]
Will Oliver and Felicity be able to repair their broken relationship? [Image via The CW]

Fortunately, Mericle also added that fans will have a good sense of where Oliver and Felicity are headed by the end of the season. It isn't known if this will turn out to be a good thing or not, but at least the show won't leave anyone second guessing. Of course, an Olicity reunion is a little more complicated than it seems, especially considering the reason why they decided to split.

According to Fashion & Style, Felicity parted ways with Oliver following the news that he lied about having a son, William Clayton. The trust issues between the two characters have cropped up more than once on the show and are still unresolved, which would make their reconciliation that much harder.

That being said, Felicity's return to Team Arrow is the first step in getting back with Oliver. Furthermore, Cinema Blend is reporting that the team needs Felicity's talents more than ever. After all, between Oliver, Thea, and Digg, the heroes have plenty of muscle to go around. What they need is brains and tech savvy, which Felicity has in abundance.

Hopefully, if Felicity decides to join the team again, she will have an opportunity to work through her past issues with Oliver. Whatever happens, at least fans will know what becomes of their relationship by the time Season 4 wraps up.

The upcoming episode of Arrow, titled "Canary Crying," is set to air April 27 on The CW.

Tell us! Do you think Oliver and Felicity will get back together before the end of Season 4 of Arrow? Let us know in the comments, and check out a preview for the next all-new episode below.

[Image via The CW]