'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Hope Hesitates With Rafe, Nicole Makes A Deal With Victor, And The Teens Find Trouble At The Prom

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday's episode detail that the teens will head to their prom night while adult relationships throughout Salem hit obstacles. Rafe and Hope were getting frisky during their evening alone, but teasers indicate that things are about to get awkward in the April 27 show.

According to We Love Soaps, the teens will meet up at the prom, and things end up getting wild. Ciara was initially resistant to attend, but Theo promised he would ensure that she had a good time. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Claire and Henry will be there, as will Jade and Joey.

As viewers saw on Tuesday's episode, Jade and Joey decided to have sex, and it sounds like they will be having a grand time together at the prom. Soon, however, there will be trouble, as several of the teens end up accused of vandalism and Hope will be getting a difficult call from Ciara.

Hope and Rafe were spending a romantic and fun evening together, and they were growing quite close to one another. Hope talked about how glad she was that Bo had asked him to watch over her, and they were letting themselves go as they gave in to some kisses. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail, however, that the mood shifts during Wednesday's episode.

As Soap Central shares, Hope and Rafe will come close to making love, but she stops things before they go that far. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that as the week continues, Hope will be acting chilly toward Rafe. However, it sounds as if he manages to take her indecisiveness pretty well, and he holds out hope that their relationship will continue to move ahead.

Victor proposed a deal to Nicole that furthers his determination to take down Deimos. He wants her to seduce Deimos and eventually marry him, with the ultimate goal of having her steal back all of his holdings. Nicole initially was hesitant to try this, and Deimos saw right through her plans as she worked on getting closer to him. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that during Wednesday's show, Nicole and Victor will solidify their deal and seemingly feel confident they can make it work.

Deimos is quite fascinated with Nicole due to her resemblance to Helena, but he is currently wooing Kate, and things are getting pretty hot-and-heavy between them. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that despite some hiccups, Kate and Deimos will be taking things a step further in their partnership during Wednesday's episode. These two could certainly make a dangerous team, but there are hints that things will take a different turn quite soon.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, Days of Our Lives spoiler previews have teased that Deimos will explode during a confrontation with Victor and try to kill him. Deimos' plan will surely falter in some way, with him either deciding to back off or someone interrupting him, but most would imagine that this will set the stage for even more drama between the two men.

Viewers watched heartbreaking scenes involving Abigail and Chad during Tuesday's episode as she was checked into the psychiatric facility to address the trauma she is experiencing due to Ben's evil deeds. At this point, there do not appear to be any Days of Our Lives spoilers detailing when fans will see Abigail next.

Actress Kate Mansi is leaving the role, but the show has not yet confirmed when her last scenes will air. It is known that she was done filming before the holidays last December, which would mean that there may be some time left yet before her final episodes air. Days of Our Lives spoilers have indicated that a new actress will not begin airing in the role until this fall, and the show has not yet revealed whom they have cast in the role.

Will Nicole and Victor's plan work, or will Deimos have the last laugh? Where do Hope and Rafe head from here? Fans are anxious to see what comes next as tensions flare and romance builds on Days of Our Lives.

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