James Corden Hilariously Spoofs Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Album

James Corden is no stranger to spoofing popular culture and making a mockery of himself in the process. In his latest attempt, chat show host James Corden has hilariously spoofed Beyonce's Lemonade album. Corden dressed up as Beyonce in order to re-enact a number of scenes from the album in a new clip. It's pretty easy to imagine the results of such a montage, which sees James Corden sporting a blonde wig and some questionably tight underwear.

According to the Telegraph, James Corden's spoof comes hot off the heels of Beyonce's new visual album, Lemonade. The recent release from Beyonce saw the singer approach a number of serious issues, which has seen a good deal of mockery across the internet. Corden's spoof of Lemonade has only added to the mockery. However, don't expect to see James Corden approaching many of those same serious issues in his version of Lemonade, instead opting to speak about his own personal pain through the video.

As part of the video, James Corden sets out an a monologue of current affairs, speaking to viewers about Donald Trump as he washes himself in the bath, saying, "I don't want to do another Trump joke. I've exhausted that topic. I've talked about his hair, his tiny baby hands. Doing Trump jokes makes me feel dirty."

However, it was undeniably James Corden's blonde wig and incredibly tight underwear that he was wearing throughout the video that captured the most attention from viewers of The Late Late Show.

However, as reported by E! Online, James Corden wasn't the only talk show host to get in on the mocking of Beyonce's latest album, with Stephen Colbert also being commended for his efforts. Colbert also recreated the video for The Late Show, leading to hilarious results.

James Corden's spoof for The Late Late Show comes following the surprise release of Beyonce's latest album, Lemonade. Since the album was released on April 23, it has received widespread acclaim from both Beyonce's fans and music critics alike. However, there's been a good deal of speculation around exactly what Beyonce means in the album's lyrics, with many suggesting that the lyrics could refer to partner Jay-Z being unfaithful. The images of the so-called "visual album" see the singer smashing a car window with a baseball bat in her rage, all but confirming that there's definitely more to Beyonce's Lemonade album than first meets the eye.

Beyonce hasn't commented on James Corden latest spoof, and it's very unlikely that she will. Corden himself will be hoping that the hilarity of this particular video is able to compete with his "Carpool Karaoke" video, filmed with Adele, which has attracted over 98 million views online. James Corden's spoofs of popular culture undeniably contribute towards the success of Corden's tenure as host of The Late Late Show. For now, though, viewers of the show will be waiting to see where Corden heads next in terms of his spoofs, with the British star fast becoming an internet sensation as well as a late night talk show host.

That being said, fans of Beyonce may not be too pleased to see that an album that tackles many difficult issues from the singer has been met with mockery from James Corden.

James Corden has hosted The Late Late Show since last year, and since then, he has boosted the show's ratings, with American viewers taking a liking to the British television star. During his tenure as host of the show, Corden has brought with him a number of people from British chat shows while also bringing with him the first set to include a house band in every episode.

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