Louis Tomlinson: Briana's Family Were 'Given Classes' By One Direction's Management

It isn't hard to find stories about Louis Tomlinson in the gossip columns. The truth is that One Direction star Tomlinson seems to have stories written about him on a daily basis, and many of Louis' fans find it pretty difficult to believe a word that is written about the 24-year-old singer. One reason for this is that is that most stories about Tomlinson claim to have inside information and attribute quotes about Louis to "unnamed sources close to Tomlinson." One thing missing from the majority of stories about Louis is the naming of an identified source with provable links to Tomlinson.

For example TMZ recently reported that Briana Jungwirth had agreed to a temporary custody arrangement with Tomlinson on condition that Louis keeps Danielle Campbell away from little Freddie Tomlinson. The "unnamed source" supposedly told TMZ that Briana was worried about another woman being on the scene during the critical bonding process.

Shortly after these claims were made, Louis and Danielle were photographed leaving Briana's home with Freddie, and since then numerous stories have emerged featuring Louis and Danielle spending time with Freddie. The most recent appeared in the Daily Mail yesterday and includes pictures of Tomlinson and Campbell collecting Freddie and putting him in their car for a day out.

There can be no question that Tomlinson and indeed all of the members of One Direction have been subjected to a very careful image creation process. That image was crucial to the building of the $1 billion brand that One Direction became, and the protection of the brand image is all important in any business. As a result, people who talk publicly and openly about Tomlinson, Styles, Horan, and Payne are few and far between. In fact, most public comments come from Simon Cowell.

Of course, it would be ridiculous to think that no one ever speaks to the press about Tomlinson. It would also be ridiculous to assume that every story about Tomlinson is untrue because there is no provable attribution. It is an uncomfortable fact of life that, sometimes in life, you get betrayed by people in whom you have placed your trust. Tomlinson and his bandmates know this all too well. It is also unrealistic to believe that One Direction's management team do not brief elements in the press about what Louis is up to.

Again as an example U.K. tabloid The Sun broke the story that Tomlinson was to become a father. As has been reported in The Inquisitr in the past, the story was broken by Sun's U.S. editor, Pete Samson, who just happens to be married to Simon Cowell's head of PR, Anne-Marie Samson. Of course, it is entirely possible that the Sun found out about Tomlinson fathering a child from another source, but Louis' fans have a hard time swallowing that line. Once the story broke, Jungwirth's pregnancy was shrouded in secrecy. Tomlinson refused to discuss the issue and even banned journalists from asking questions about it.

The veil of secrecy around the subject of Freddie Tomlinson merely served to raise suspicion that Louis was at the center of some sort hideous PR stunt. Whilst Tomlinson fans may have different theories, for most it boils down to One Direction's management trying to keep Tomlinson closeted.

It wasn't just journalists who were pushed into not discussing Louis' baby, Briana Jungwirth's family were too. The behavior of some members of the family during Briana's pregnancy was bizarre. Social media accounts were made private and then opened up for short periods to post pictures or to diss Tomlinson. One thing was absent, however, Briana's family did not openly discuss Tomlinson in the media.

That silence was recently broken by Briana's cousin Ashley Jessica Clark, who gave an interview to Now magazine. According to J-14 Ashley's interview was mostly positive so far as Louis is concerned, though she does claim that Tomlinson was dating Briana whilst still in a relationship with Eleanor Calder. Ashley describes Louis as a "great dad" and says that Tomlinson and Jungwirth get along just fine.
If you ever doubted how carefully Tomlinson and One Direction's image is managed, Ashley's admission that her family were called into meetings and given classes by One Direction's management surely raises more questions.
"[Louis] told us to never respond and just live your life and never let it get in the way of anything. We've never signed a thing. I was with Briana during her meetings [with One Direction's management] and there were no contracts. We were all given classes on how to help us deal with social media and handle everything that was happening."
Clarke's admission will do little to help Tomlinson's fans to believe what they are told about Louis, his relationships, and his baby. The fact that Tomlinson's management schooled Jungwirth's family will merely serve to raise more questions.

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]