Chris Christie Spotted Swaying To The Music At Bruce Springsteen Concert [Video]

Chris Christie may not have been "Born to Run" for the U.S. presidency, but that didn't stop him from having a great time at a recent Bruce Springsteen concert in Brooklyn, New York. In fact, video footage of his ecstasy has gone viral.

As coined by the Washington Post, Christie has appeared a little "Sad!" lately after having to drop out of the presidential race and having made some pretty awkward appearances with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

However, it is reportedly well known that Christie is a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen, even though the admiration isn't mutual, with the Washington Post featuring a video of Jimmy Fallon and the Boss doing a duet of the "Gov. Christie Traffic Jam."

On Monday night the New Jersey governor was spotted swaying and dancing to the Boss' tunes at the Bruce Springsteen Brooklyn concert, on the New York leg of his "The River" tour.

The former Republican presidential candidate was captured in video and photos clapping, singing, and waving his hands in the air, even playing the air guitar and air drumming to the beat.

In related news on the Inquisitr:

In the videos doing the rounds of the internet, Christie can be seen with eyes closed, in a trance – far, far away from the mundane and disappointing world of politics and the presidential race. One particular video is reportedly among the top trending topics on Facebook right now.

In the video below, posted to YouTube, Christie can be seen thoroughly enjoying Springsteen's "Ramrod" while taking selfies with the surrounding fans.

One concert-goer, Rob Flaherty, tweeted from the scene, following it up with yet another video of the New Jersey Governor partying.

The Boss himself has been in the news quite a lot lately, especially with his recent moving tribute to the late Prince on the first two nights of Springsteen's concerts at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. In fact, Springsteen's stunning performance of "Purple Rain" at his Brooklyn show over the weekend is now available for free download on the Boss' official website.

A pro-shot version of the performance is also available on the E Street Band's YouTube channel and is included below – a worthy tribute indeed to a great and late musician of Prince's remarkable stature.

Then there was possibly the best selfie ever taken with The Boss, when a young Springsteen fan had the incredible experience of catching a glimpse of the star as he walked up behind her. While the location is unknown, this was no mere ordinary selfie, as the fan got a full on hug from the Boss as she took the image.

Another person in the crowd caught the moment in video and posted it to YouTube in slow-motion mode. The video shows Springsteen singing and walking through the crowd, shaking hands with fans and coming up behind her and enveloping her in his arms, as the young girl takes her selfie. The totally amazed, open-mouthed look on the young fan's face tells it all.

One commenter on the video said, "This is some next level meta s**t guys, a guy filming a girl grabbing a selfie then glorifying it like crazy," while another said, "This is probably what heaven is like."

Just goes to prove once again what a great guy Bruce Springsteen is, loved by young and old.

[Photo Chris Christie by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News - Bruce Springsteen by Joe Raedle/Getty Images News]