Did Prince Predict His Own Death? Lyrics From 30 Years Ago Suggest So

The entire world was shocked when news of Prince's death broke a week ago. There has been much speculation as to the real cause of the legendary musician's death. An autopsy of Prince's body was performed on Friday, and as we wait for the results, many different theories continue to come out of the woodwork that could explain the manner of his death.

As reported in ET on Tuesday, one of Prince's music collaborators, Sheila E., has her own theories about Prince's death.

"In my heart I already know," Sheila said.

The singer, however, refused to give any details about what she believes to have happened on that particular day Prince was found unresponsive inside the elevator of his Paisley Park estate.

"I can't share," she maintained.

Since Prince's death last week, sales for his albums continue to rise to staggering numbers. As fans reminisced his musical career by listening to his entire album catalog, one song in particular gave rise to the theory that Prince had predicted his own death. The song's title is "Sometimes It Snows In April," a track off Prince's 1986 album Parade.

The song had a specific lyric that seems to suggest that Prince may have had the premonition that he'd die in the month of April. In an eerie coincidence, the song was recorded on April 21, 1985. Prince died on April 21, 2016.

"Sometimes I wish life was never-ending," Prince sings. "And all good things, they say, never last."

Another Prince song that came to everyone's attention in regard to his death is the dance hit "Let's Go Crazy." If "Sometimes It Snows In April" answers the question of when Prince was going to die, "Let's Go Crazy" answers the question of where. Some of the key themes in "Let's Go Crazy" include elevators and death.

The particular lyric from "Let's Go Crazy" that some fans say were telltale signs that point to where Prince was going to pass from this mortal coil is as follows:

"And if the elevator tries to bring you down/ Go crazy. Punch a higher floor," Prince belts out on the dance track.
According to reports, Prince was alone in his residence the night before he was found dead inside an elevator. The body showed no signs of trauma following initial investigations.

Prince's body was cremated after the autopsy was completed on Friday. A memorial ceremony in honor of Prince was held at his Paisley Park estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Fans brought flowers, purple balloons, and signs, leaving them in front of his home in honor of the music icon's life and legacy. There are some who left their own mementos, and some who left Prince memorabilia such as CDs, T-shirts, and books.

Prince had been battling flu-like symptoms in the weeks before he died. He was reported to have been feeling ill when he performed for a concert in Atlanta on April 14. On his way home from the concert, the private jet he was on made an emergency landing in Illinois in the middle of the night. Prince was then rushed to a nearby hospital via ambulance. Prince was discharged from the hospital a few hours later and sent home.

On the very next day, Prince appeared at an event at his home. According to a report by Hollywood Life, he looked perfectly fine during the event, although some friends expressed concern about the state of his health.

It could be weeks before the results of the autopsy can be made public record, according to Prince's publicist.

"The cause of death remains unknown," Noel-Schure said, "and it will be at least four weeks before we receive the results of the autopsy."

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