Britney Spears' Lowest Low -- 2007 Drug Use And Meltdown Were So Bad Britney "Slept In A Parking Lot"

Britney Spears' infamous 2007 meltdown is in the news again due to a legal battle Spears is having with former manager Sam Lufti, who claims Britney still owes him money, according to the Sun.

The 34-year-old went through a highly publicized meltdown in 2007, with the singer shaving her head and attacking a paparazzi's car with an umbrella in one infamous outburst.
The Mirror reports that new documents are being released through the California Board of Appeals. The documents "shed light on [Britney Spears'] struggles between 2007-2008 before her father secured a court-approved conservatorship."

Spears met Sam Lufti when she was at the height of her troubles -- the singer was in the middle of her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Federline and embroiled in a bitter custody battle. Britney was also estranged from her parents at the time and abusing drugs.

[S]he was struggling with drug abuse." reports that Spears offered Lufti a job as her manager, and he accepted on the grounds that she stop using drugs.

Lufti tried to terminate the professional relationship in September 2007, allegedly because Britney was still using drugs.

The pair were reportedly reunited after Spears hit her lowest low -- on the October night when Britney lost custody of her sons, the star "spent the night in a parking lot."

Britney called Lufti for help, and her ex-manager obliged. She then moved in with him until early 2008.

Lufti also reportedly helped Spears to manage her relationship with troublesome paparazzi, helping her to set rules that would make her life more comfortable during the fraught time.

Lufti set rules for them including not entering private property, not following her into shops, not running red lights to chase them and saving Spears a parking space when they followed her.
Lufti's lawyers claim that he had a clever idea to reward this behavior -- if paps followed his rules he would send them Britney's itinerary, so they would know where she was.
If the paparazzi followed the rules, Lufti would send them Spears' itinerary.
Britney's family have denied claims that Lufti was a supportive figure in Britney's life. Britney's mother Lynne claims that Sam Lufti was, in fact, the person who supplied Britney with drugs.

Lynne Spears made the accusations in her book, Through The Storm. Lufti attempted to sue her for defamation, but the suit was thrown out of court before it came to trial.

In 2015, the California Court of Appeals stated that Lufti was still permitted to pursue financial redress for money he believes he is owed. Lufti is now acting on this -- he has filed a breach of contract suit against Britney Spears.

Britney's father Jamie Spears eventually took control of his daughter's life and assets in 2008 by securing a court-approved conservatorship. Mr. Spears managed to do this after his daughter was "forcibly admitted to a psychiatric ward."

The conservatorship is still in place, and shows no signs of lifting -- in August last year, it was claimed that Britney Spears' finances and well-being may remain under her dad's control for the rest of her life.

Britney has experienced renewed success in recent years, and the once-troubled star's personal life appears to have stabilized.

The blonde singer, who burst onto the scene in the early 2000's with hits "Baby...One More Time" and "You Drive Me Crazy," grabbed the public imagination with her fresh-faced beauty, tight, bared abs and ambiguously innocent/sexy image, best demonstrated in the video for "Baby.. One More Time," which showed the young singer dancing in an ab-flashing schoolgirl outfit.

Spears' 2010s resurgence has seen her enjoying a judging stint on the US version of X Factor. Britney Spears has had two more number one albums and earned applause for a Las Vegas residency at the Planet Hollywood resort.

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