Trump Clobbers Ted Cruz In Northeastern Primaries

Tuesday night's Republican primary on the Northeastern seaboard are over, and the preliminary results are in. Donald Trump's momentum seems unstoppable, leaving his opponents eating dust, particularly Ted Cruz.

With over 90 percent of precincts reporting in Connecticut, Trump has so far garnered nearly 58 percent of the vote. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has earned less than 12 percent. Long shot and establishment favorite John Kasich has just under 29 percent of the vote.

In Delaware, Trump's victory is even more decisive. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, The Donald snagged nearly 61 percent of the vote, leaving Kasich and Ted Cruz limping to the finish line at 20 and 16 percent respectively.

Ted Cruz had a little more luck in Maryland, but not much. He managed to convince about 19 percent of voters to choose him. But once again, Trump won with 55 percent.

In Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, Trump has proven that his brutish and in-your-face attitude is what it takes to win over Republicans. But in the Keystone State, at least Ted Cruz didn't come in last. He managed to scrape up about 22 percent to Trump's 57. But Rhode Island was Cruz's worst performance of the night, with just 10 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders managed to win Rhode Island with 55 percent of the vote. However, he lost some important states by wide margins, earning only 33 percent of the vote in Maryland and 39 percent in Delaware. In Connecticut and Pennsylvania, though, the race was closer, with Sanders coming to within 12 points of Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have recently teamed up in an attempt to sabotage Donald Trump's race for the nomination, but it does not appear to be working. In fact, Republican officials in Colorado have hinted that the state's GOP caucus was so rife with clerical and procedural errors that a re-do might be necessary.

Boulder County Republican chairwoman Peg Cage told Breitbart that irregularities in the multiple counties were a cause for concern regarding the integrity of the results. In an email to the conservative news site, Cage -- who is actually a Ted Cruz supporter -- expressed consternation at the possibility that Colorado may have been an unfair election.

"If it's that bad, I guess if there's any question that our delegates won't be seated, then that would be a case where it might make sense to have a do-over... It might be the better way to go just to make sure that our delegates... ought to be able to go forth and get seated."
Cage said irregularities occurred in all districts throughout the state.
"It seemed to happen in all of the districts … There were many people at the state convention itself who they had to say, well this person was this number and it doesn't appear that way in the book. It just wasn't clean … It wasn't clean because of those clerical mistakes."
Donald Trump beats Ted Cruz in Northeastern primaries.
Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Trump has long been a critic of the evangelical Ted Cruz, who has emphasized his belief that the United States should resemble more of a theocracy than its current system. In February, Trump accused Ted of spreading a rumor, telling voters that Ben Carson had taken a break from campaigning when that was not true. And when Cruz ridiculed Trump's New York values, the backlash was fast and unforgiving. Even Senator Bernie Sanders took Ted Cruz to task for the jab, with his famous mic-drop during an appearance on Larry Wilmore. Sanders also criticized Trump, whom he said doesn't have New York values, either.

"Mr. Trump, you wouldn't know New York values if they were written in 50-foot gold letters on the side of the Empire State Building."
As it stands, Ted Cruz still has a chance of getting enough delegates to win the Republican nomination, although he is far behind. Out of the five states that voted on Tuesday, Trump won all delegates available. In Rhode Island, Trump won nine delegates, Kasich got five, and Cruz managed to get just one. In all, Ted Cruz has 560 delegates while Trump has 950. Republicans need at least 1,238 delegates to win the nomination.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]