Texas Mom Allegedly Killed Infant For Heartbreaking Reason

A Texas mom has been arrested in association with the tragic death of her own 5-month-old daughter — and the details surrounding this case are shocking. ABC News 7 reports that Tradezsha Bibbs is accused of killing the baby because she was doing something that practically all babies are known to do.

The incident took place a little over a week ago in Houston. Authorities reportedly responded to a motel room at around 11:00 p.m., on the night of April 16. They discovered that 5-month-old Brielle Robinson had been the victim of a violent assault, and reports indicate that the Texas mom admitted to perpetrating the attack.

ABC News 13 reports that the infant was transported to Texas Children’s Hospital with numerous injuries, which included severe head trauma and multiple broken bones. At the time of this incident, Tradezsha told authorities that her baby had accidentally fallen from her car-seat onto the concrete-covered ground. However, she eventually admitted to brutally beating the defenseless 5-month-old because she was crying.

The Texas mom told the police that she picked her crying daughter up while in their motel room before throwing her back down onto the bed. This caused the infant to bounce from the bed, landing on the floor. However, Tradezsha didn’t stop there. She allegedly began punching her own baby in the face, chest, legs, ribs, and anywhere else she could make contact on the tiny child’s body. This was what resulted in injuries so severe that little Brielle Robinson died. According to the infant’s mother, she relentlessly beat the infant until she stopped crying. She then waited until the baby “stopped breathing” before she finally called 911 for assistance.

As horrifying as this case is, it really hasn’t attracted very much attention on social media. Meanwhile, there are numerous other cases of similar violence that do go viral in the news and on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Even though close to nothing is being said about this tragic murder, loved ones of the slain infant have taken to Twitter in hopes of getting donations to their GoFundMe page. They are trying to pay for the funeral of the 5-month-old victim. So far they have raised around $400.

Crying is ordinary infant behavior, and it can be stressful for new parents. Unfortunately, crying is also a reason why so many of these stressed parents appear to “snap” on their innocent children. Last year, a Bronx man was arrested after his infant son was allegedly murdered. Family members of the slain infant said that the man was jealous of the attention his wife gave their child, but authorities say that the 2-month-old boy was battered to death because his crying “frustrated” the New York dad.

Tradezsha Bibbs has been charged with capital murder in the death of her 5-month-old infant. This is a charge that carries a death sentence in the state of Texas. If convicted, the Texas mom could be put to death. Do you think this woman deserves the death penalty for the alleged violent death of her infant. Or do you think mental illness or some other outside circumstance may have led to this horrifying incident?

[Photo via Houston Police Department]