National Prime Rib Day Is Here

National Prime Rib Day is April 27, and it's the time of year when carnivores celebrate mouth-watering, juicy steak that has been perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. No one actually knows why April 27 is Prime Rib Day, and there is nothing that suggests it is a formal, national holiday. However, many people tend to celebrate the day by either preparing prime rib at home for dinner or enjoying an evening at your favorite restaurant where prime rib is on the menu.

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After Prime meat is choice. Choice is also high-quality meat, but is separated from prime due to having less marbling. You can select prime rib or choice rib meat. Prime rib will have more marbling than cuts that are choice.

Following choice cuts is select. Select cuts have considerably less marbling than prime and choice, and therefore tend to not be as juicy or flavorful. Because there is less marbling, it is imperative to properly season and marinate the meat.

You can learn more about meat grades in the videos below.

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Here are some tips for those preparing prime rib at home.

First, determine if you want bone-in, prime rib roast to cut your own steaks or to buy prime rib steaks already cut. Budget and the amount of steaks needed will help you make your decision. There are plenty of recipes for both and those who are serving more than a few people might find that a bone-in prime rib roast is more cost effective. You can cook the prime rib roast whole and then slice it when ready to serve, or you can do like the man in the following video and actually cut your own steaks from the rib roast. Some people purchase the rib roast then ask their butcher to cut it into steaks for them, as this is still cost effective.

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