‘Paragon’ Developer Epic Games Announces Retail Edition For The Free-To-Play MOBA, Releases In June

Players can take up arms as the dual wielding Twinblast, jump into a mech suit as the furry Howitzer, or support allies with Muriel in Paragon, the free-to-play MOBA from Epic Games releasing later this year. The third-person hero shooter is currently in paid early access on PC and PlayStation 4, but in June Paragon and its growing roster of up to 39 heroes will be available for free.

On June 7, Paragon will release and be free to digitally download and play. However, Epic Games announced via the PlayStation Blog that a retail edition will also be available for players that prefer a disc. The retail edition of the game, called the Paragon Essentials Edition, includes five Hero Master Challenges for Twinblast, Sevargo, Iggy & Scorch, and two unannounced heroes. Additionally, a Twinblast skin temporarily exclusive to launch is also part of the retail edition. Five three-win Rep boosts and 6,000 Paragon Coins are also included in the Paragon Essentials Edition. This retail edition of Paragon is $60 and the 6,000 Paragon Coins included are worth the same amount.


Founder’s Pack owners can opt to buy the retail edition in addition to their early access packs since the Paragon Essentials Edition includes store currency and other goodies not available in all of the Founder’s Packs. Of course, items like skins and Master Challenges can also be purchased separately within Paragon itself. Master Challenges can even be purchased with in-game currency without the need to spend real cash on the game. Pre-ordering the retail edition comes with an additional 1,000 Paragon Coins, too.

“You can pre-order the Essentials Edition at GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and Walmart (and EB Games in Canada) right now.”

As the Inquisitr reported, all heroes are free and cards are earned only by playing the game. Although there is an entry fee to play the game right now in early access, Paragon will be completely free-to-play when it releases in June. The retail edition and the currently available Founder’s Packs are completely optional. When the game officially launches, it will be free-to-play with optional Paragon Coins available to buy boosts, skins, and other convenience or cosmetic items.

Players that want to get into Paragon right now can do so by buying a Founder’s Pack. There will be no wipes between now and the time of release so Founders can enjoy their progress permanently. Three tiers of Founder’s Packs are available with varying bonuses and unlocks. The thriftiest option is just $19.99 and comes with Master Challenges for three heroes and a week’s worth of three-win boosts.


At $59.99, the Challenger Founder’s Pack includes 13 Master Challenges for heroes, three-win boosts for five weeks, and an extra Founder’s Pack to share with a friend. Finally, the Master Founder’s Pack is $99.99 and includes 39 Master Challenges, 15 weeks of three-win boosts, and an extra Founder’s Pack to share. The Master Founder’s Pack and the Challenger Founder’s Pack also include an exclusive Hotrod Howitzer skin. Be sure to view the complete details on the official Paragon website.

“A Founder’s Pack is your ticket to Epic’s new MOBA Paragon, and the Early Access Season. By purchasing a Founder’s Pack, you’ll be able to play now, get a great value on in-game content, and help shape the future of the game. Progress is real. That means no account wipes or resets.”

Paragon in early access updates regularly and Epic Games wants to release a new hero every three weeks. This week, deck building and several heroes are addressed in the maintenance. Players can check out the v.24.1 patch notes here for more information on the latest update. Most notably, a free weekend and a report player function are mentioned in the notes. Moreover, 10 new cards as well as Murdock and Iggy & Scorch changes are also included in the patch notes.

[Image via Epic Games]