WWE News: Longtime WWE Star Under Extreme Backstage Heat — Shouting Match Happens At Ringside

The WWE tour of Europe last week brought about a good bit of controversy and confusion. First, there was Bray Wyatt suffering a calf injury. Next, The Undertaker ended up being pulled from the tour completely without much of an explanation. Now, there is word that a shouting match happened at ringside of Monday Night Raw in London, and a longtime star apparently got some backstage heat due to a simple mistake.

On Monday Night Raw in London, Enzo Amore and Big Cass took on the Dudley Boyz in the semifinals of the tag team tournament. The match went in the favor of the recently called up team from NXT, but there was a problem at ringside and it actually had to do with Lillian Garcia.

wwe news big cass colin cassady lillian garcia heat shouting match ringside yelling

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Garcia was doing the team introductions for the match, and she ended up introducing Big Cass as “Colin Cassady.” That is the name he went by in NXT, but ever since the team was called up to WWE’s main roster, he’s been simply going only by Big Cass.

Announcers, interviewers, and everyone has been notified to call him Big Cass. Garcia made the mistake of calling him by his full name, and it caused a big problem.

The miscommunication, of sorts, ended up leading to a huge shouting match at ringside and it was witnessed by a lot of fans as they were obviously sitting right there. Now, it has not been revealed as to who Garcia ended up screaming with, but it was likely a producer or someone high up.

It’s quite embarrassing and unprofessional that this situation took place. Not so much that Garcia made the announcement error as most fans probably didn’t even notice, but whoever started the shouting match caused an issue. Fans certainly didn’t notice that.

wwe news big cass colin cassady lillian garcia heat shouting match ringside backstage

While WWE has always been specific with the names, it’s hard to believe that Garcia got the hammer brought down on her because of it. Wrestling Rumors made it a point that the little things do matter a lot, but making a scene at ringside is a big deal and not a small one.

Bleacher Report made it a point to focus on the mistake being on Cassady whose name is completely changed now in WWE. It’s like when Antonio Cesaro had his name changed to just Cesaro and Big E Langston had the “Langston” dropped from his ring name.

Had Garcia called Ryback by his old ring name of “Skip Sheffield” or Kane as “Isaac Yankem DDS,” then it would have very well been a much bigger deal. At this point, the fans really didn’t pay much attention one way or another.

The heat is expected to blow over, and the situation was understandably a big deal, but it was handled completely wrong.

wwe news big cass colin cassady lillian garcia heat shouting match ringside backstage

Meanwhile, Big Cass and Enzo Amore are experiencing a huge push as they’ve been on the WWE main roster less than a month and have a chance at going after the Tag Team Titles. At Payback, they will take on The Vaudevillains for a right to take on The New Day.

You can be sure that Lillian Garcia is going to introduce him by his name the right way on that evening.

Lillian Garcia is a longtime talent for WWE and has been with the company for a number of years. Sure, everyone makes mistakes and that is obviously what it was when she announced Big Cass as “Colin Cassady” to the London crowd at Raw. Was that enough to cause a ringside shouting match or heat on Garcia? Maybe not, but it appears all has been resolved already.

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