Stephen King Tweets New Trailer Of Zombie Movie 'Cell' Starring John Cusack And Samuel L Jackson -- Is It A Letdown?

Stephen King posted the official trailer of the movie Cell on his Twitter account. The trailer has made a debut on YouTube and the comments on the video have so far been disappointing. However, there are also fans who are hoping the movie meets the hopes they have for it.

Blastr has said that the movie was announced in 2013 and that Samuel L. Jackson would get back together with John Cusack for this project. The two have starred in 1408, another movie based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. The apocalyptic movie is directed by Tod Williams who has also worked on Paranormal Activity 2. The movie stars Isabelle Fuhrman as well, who was seen in Orphan and The Hunger Games. Stacy Keach who appeared in The Bourne Legacy also stars in the movie. The screenplay was written by Stephen King with Adam Alleca who also wrote for The Last House on the Left. The synopsis is as follows:
When a mysterious cell phone signal is broadcast across the network and turns the population into mindless animals, struggling graphic artist Clay Riddell (Cusack) bands together with a small group of fellow survivors to trek across a decimated New England to seek answers and reunite with his son.
It was only recently that Warner Brothers had announced another project based on Stephen King's novel It, the Hollywood Reporter said.

Inquisitr reported that Steve Barton, the founder of Dread Central, a go-to for horror fans, has said that Tim Curry's performance in the TV adaptation of the film is something that would be hard to replicate.

"Curry left some really big shoes to fill," Barton insists. He goes on to say that the movie needs someone who has the kind of screen presence Curry had. "The weight of that movie, essentially, is going to be on their shoulders. You need somebody out there who can own the screen. You need somebody out there who can be as frightening as Doug Bradley and as witty as Robert Englund. I'm not exactly sure that person exists." While one hopes the actor for the movie is found, there is no dearth of directors and production houses wanting to translate Stephen King's vision to the big screen.

Another movie based on Stephen King book The Dark Tower was also announced, Inquisitr reported. Idris Elba is going to play the Gunslinger in the movie. The movie is said to be directed and written by Nikolaj Arcel.

Arcel is known for writing adapted screenplays. He has worked on A Royal Affair and also co-wrote The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It seems like the Stephen King books are in good hands after all. It's very important that the director's vision gets along with that of the author. Arcel talks about what he thinks about Stephen King's style. "What Stephen King does best is mixing the every day, or what you might call the mundane, with the fantastical," says Arcel. "In my view, [The Dark Tower] novels are a mix between sci-fi and fantasy and modern times. That exact mix is so Stephen King."
Stephen King said that the book had taken a long trip from paper to screen. "The thing is, it's been a long trip from the books to the film," King says, putting it right in context, "When you think about it, I started these stories as a senior in college, sitting in a little s****y cabin beside the river in Maine, and finally, this thing is actually in pre-production now." He laughs. "I'm delighted, and I'm a little bit surprised."

Do you think Cell, based on Stephen King's novel, is going to turn out to be a good movie?

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