Jay Z Affair: Why ‘Becky’ Could Be More Than One Woman

Beyoncé opened up about Jay Z’s alleged cheating ways in her new album, Lemonade. The singer dropped her new album and HBO project on Saturday, April 23, which caused mass pandemonium on social media. That’s because Bey’s fans want to know who the woman referred to as “Becky with the good hair” is.

Fans have been wondering who Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé with and why. The Beyhive has been swarming on social media over the mystery woman Bey calls out on the track “Sorry.”

Most assumed that fashion designer Rachel Roy was “Becky” since she took to Instagram to share a photo of herself just hours after Beyoncé released her new visual album. She was also the rumored reason behind Solange and Jay’s infamous elevator incident at the 2014 Met Gala.

“Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. Live in the light #nodramaqueens,” she captioned the now-deleted photo.

The Beyhive left a series of bee and lemon emojis on her Instagram. Some of them even harassed her daughters on their own Instagram pages. That’s when Roy tried to shut the rumors down in a series of tweets.

“I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind,” Roy quickly tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

But unfortunately, the cyber bullying didn’t stop. The ongoing vitriol from the fans prompted Roy to release a statement on Tuesday, April 26, stating that she did not have an affair with Jay Z.

“I want to put the speculation and rumors to rest. My Instagram post was meant to be fun and lighthearted, it was misunderstood as something other than that. There is no validity to the idea that the song references my personally. There is no truth to the rumors.”

“Consequently, online haters have targeted me and my daughters in a hurtful and scary manner, including physical threats. As a mother – and I know many mothers would agree – I feel that bullying in any form is harmful and unacceptable. I would hope that the media sees the real issue here – the issue of cyber bullying – and how it should not be tolerated by anyone.”

Then fans assumed that it was Rita Ora who had an affair the hip-hop mogul. Ora infamously wore a lemon bra long before Beyoncé’s Lemonade dropped. And fans assumed that her initial pendant was a capital “J” instead of a backwards lowercase “r.” The reason why it resembled a “J” was because the photo was flipped. And Ora has also denied the rumors that she’s “Becky.”

The singer took to Twitter to deny the Jay Z affair rumors in a series of tweets. “I never usually address tabloid gossip but let me be clear, these rumors are false,” she wrote. “I have nothing but the upmost respect for Beyoncé. Let’s continue enjoying Lemonade (sic).”

So if Ora and Roy denied the rumors, then who is “Becky”? Some fans assume that Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé with Rihanna. The two have been linked for years when rumors swirled that RiRi and Jay exchanged sex for her successful music career. However, a member of Rihanna’s camp revealed that the allegations were made up as part of a publicity stunt to kick off the pop star’s career.

Rihanna hasn’t been the only one who’s the target of the affair rumors. R&B singer Mya was also rumored to have slept with Jay after they worked on the song “Best of Me (Part 2).” TMZ caught up with the singer on Monday at LAX. Photogs asked her about Beyonce’s new album, and whether she’s the woman Bey briefly mentioned on the song. Mya laughed and revealed who she thinks “Becky” really is.

“I can’t really speak on what another person does, but art is art, and it is definitely an expression of self, often truth. It can be free therapy.”

Then the photog mentioned the time that Mya was accused of being Jay Z’s mistress and asked what it’s like to be targeted by the ruthless Beyhive.

“It’s what you sign up for when you enter the music business. I don’t have anybody coming at me, but I know what I’m not guilty of.”

When asked if she thinks Jay Z would really cheat on Beyoncé, she responded, “I think any man is capable of such things.”

It’s possible that “Becky” isn’t just one particular woman. If you listen closely to Lemonade, you’ll notice that Bey mentions other women that he’s cheated on her with throughout most of their marriage. She previously hinted about their marital problems in “Jealous” and “Ring the Alarm.”

The other rumored women that Jay Z have been linked to include rapper Liv, reality star Casey Cohen, model Claudia Scheelen, and up-and-coming singer Tori Kelly.

Do you think Jay Z has cheated on Beyoncé with more than one woman? Or, do you have an idea of who “Becky” is? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]