NFL Rumors: Sam Bradford Worried About Losing Trust of Philadelphia Eagles Teammates

NFL rumors are swirling around Sam Bradford. By now, everyone knows that he is not too pleased with what the Philadelphia Eagles did. They traded a treasure trove of assets away to move up to the second spot in the upcoming draft. That most likely means that they’re looking for a new quarterback. Bradford has demanded a trade because he wants to play for a team that has faith in him. According to CBS Sports, the former Oklahoma Sooners star also wants out because he was afraid of losing the trust of his teammates.

Players in the NFL know that there are totem poles. Aside from the financial reasons, players want to be paid the huge contract because they know what comes with it. They know that other players have to show them a little more respect because of the clout that they carry with management. A guy owning a $100 million contract is going to have the attention of the entire franchise.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Chase Daniel

Sam Bradford doesn’t have the most concrete contracts in the NFL. While the money is good, it is only for two years. His teammates know that the Philadelphia Eagles still want Bradford to prove that he is worthy of being their long term leader. They know that he can easily be sent to the bench if he has a series of bad games.

It doesn’t help Sam Bradford that Chase Daniel is on the roster. The Philadelphia Eagles are paying him $7 million. That’s a lot for a backup quarterback in the NFL. Sometimes, you get the sense that the Eagles are going to want him to do more than just hold a clipboard on the sidelines. It also does not help Bradford that Daniel already knows the offensive system being incorporated by new head coach Doug Pederson. The two of them were together with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson

The Philadelphia Eagles made things a bit harder on Sam Bradford when they traded for the second overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Not only was he trying to fend off Chase Daniel, now he also has to keep either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff at bay. Fans in the National Football League have a tendency to get excited about quarterbacks that are drafted that early.

Sides are chosen in NFL locker rooms. If a wide receiver does not feel that Sam Bradford is throwing him the ball frequently enough, then he might start forming a bond with Chase Daniel. That type of politics does exist in professional sports. Coaches can be swayed by players, and that can cause changes to be made to the starting lineup. Bradford would have to walk on eggshells with his teammates because he does not want to risk alienating any of them.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz

Being comfortable is something that NFL quarterbacks love to have. Guys like Tony Romo don’t have to look over his shoulder because the owner of his team is constantly telling the media that he has full support. Aside from a short period of time where he thought he was going to be benched recently, Tom Brady feels very comfortable with Bill Belichick at the helm. That security and stability is what Sam Bradford wants, but he hasn’t quite earned it like Romo and Brady.

While the Philadelphia Eagles are trying to play it cool, everyone knows that they are past the point of no return with Sam Bradford. Teams in the NFL know that as well. That’s why they’re circling around the quarterback and the franchise like vultures. A new home in the National Football League could be found for Bradford as soon as this upcoming Thursday.

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