Apple In Talks To Provide Set-Top Boxes For Cable Operators

If Apple has its way, we will soon be staring at Apple created set-top cable boxes as we watch our favorite TV programming. The tech firm is believed to be in talks with various cable companies to provide their next generation set-top boxes.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech firm has not reached any deals at this time; however, the publication expects, if a deal is met, it will largely change the way cable providers do business.

Should Apple strike a deal, it will likely divert from the typical cable business model which charges consumers $10 to $15 per month for set-top box rentals. Apple will likely instead charge hundreds of dollars for the boxes on a one or two year contract basis. Essentially Apple will bring the subsidized pricing model from cellular networks to your cable TV subscription.

It’s still unclear if the Apple created set-top boxes will features an interface that mirrors its already on-sale Apple TV or will move in a more traditional cable TV manner. Cable TV providers may have a problem with their own set top boxes streaming from competitors such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, and even YouTube.

Apple has already sold 4 million Apple TV units and, of late, has been working on a new Apple TV, which some analysts believe will be the next step towards finally growing the “smart TV” market which has struggled to find its foothold in a competitive market.

Would you like your cable provider to provide Apple designed set-top boxes for your cable service?