Jennifer Aniston Leaking False Wedding Info To Friends

Jennifer Aniston is allegedly leaking false wedding information to friends to discover the source of paparazzi informers before she ties the knot with Justin Theroux, according to an “insider source” who spoke with Fox 411. Aniston’s representative is calling the wedding information leaks story utterly false and absurd. The Jennifer Aniston source also maintains such pre-wedding subterfuge is common among celebrities.

Whether or not the Friends star has become decidedly unfriendly with some of her pals remains to be seen. The Fox 411 Pop Tarts article source claims Jennifer Aniston is “determined” to find out which one of her friends is leaking information about her relationship and pending wedding with Justin Theroux.

Allegedly, if Aniston shares specific false wedding information with her friends and then the details find their way into the tabloids, she will finally know the name of the rat in her inner-circle. The rat would have to live under a rock not to read about the alleged Aniston wedding details plot and decide to clamp his or hers lips firmly closed about the wedding ceremony.

Jennifer Aniston, 43, and Justin Theroux, 41, publicly announced their engagement earlier this week. Theroux reportedly asked Aniston to become his bride on August 10 at the Blue Hill restaurant in New York City. Jennifer Aniston met Justin Theroux while filming Wanderlust, and the couple started dating a little more than a year ago. The couple’s wedding and honeymoon plans, bridal gown, wedding party, and pretty much anything related to the Aniston-Theroux wedding will likely be highly sought after information by paparazzi from now until the couple exchanges vows.