Kid Rock Discovered Body Of Deceased Assistant On His Property

According to the Fox News report, Kid Rock discovered the body of his assistant, Michael Sacha, after Sacha was killed in an ATV accident overnight. When Sacha's body was found, he was face down on the side of the driveway at his employer's White Creek home.

After finding the body of his assistant, Kid Rock posted a message of shock and condolences on his website.

"He was a member of our family and one of the greatest young men I have ever had the pleasure to not only work with, but also to become friends with. I know I speak for us all in sharing my deepest condolences to his family. I can not imagine how they must feel. Myself, the band, our family, friends and co-workers are devastated over this loss."
A Metro Nashville Police Department press release indicates that Kid Rock's assistant was most likely killed when he lost control of an ATV he'd been driving. According to reports, the 30-year-old man was on the ATV because he'd driven two people to meet an Uber driver at the end of the driveway at about midnight Monday.
On his way back to Kid Rock's Nashville home, his assistant is believed to have crashed the ATV.

Kid Rock and an as-yet unidentified friend found Sacha laying on a driveway embankment later Monday morning and called for help.

Authorities from the Nashville Fire Department told the press that Kid Rock's assistant was already deceased when they arrived on the scene.

On Monday evening, the local police department took to social media to tell Kid Rock fans, mourners, and the public alike that Sacha's death has been ruled accidental at this time.

Us Weekly reports that after finding the body of his assistant, Kid Rock also posted on his website that he and his band were supposed to be back in Michigan, but that he was planning on staying with his deceased assistant until Sacha could be reunited with his family.

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[Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images]After Kid Rock discovered the body of his assistant, apparently the rumor mill started grinding almost immediately, with speculation swirling that it had been Kid Rock himself that had been killed in the accident. Rock said that he had already received press inquiries to that effect, and was therefore taking it upon himself to put an end to those rumors. He also asked the public to respect the privacy of the band, as well as the friends and family members of the deceased.
"We've already been contacted by the press asking if it was me who was in the accident, so I want to stop any rumors before they spread. I'm asking everyone to please respect our and his families' privacy in this difficult time. RIP Mike. We will never forget you, my friend."
Us Weekly also confirmed that it was Kid Rock who discovered the body of his deceased assistant, Michael Sacha. However, the online magazine had a different version of events leading up to the death of the 30-year-old than Fox News. According to Us Weekly, the accident happened when Sacha was "ferrying" guests to a cookout. The gathering had reportedly been hosted by Kid Rock the evening before the body of his assistant was discovered.

While the death of the singer's assistant has so far been classified as "accidental," it is likely that more details will emerge in the days and weeks to come. There is no word yet on how extensively Kid Rock's schedule may be impacted after having discovered his assistant's deceased body on his property.

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