Kathryn Dennis Spills All Of Thomas Ravenel’s Dirty Secrets In Angry Rant

Kathryn Dennis is back for another season of Southern Charm, and she quickly learned that she’s been ousted from the social circle in Charleston. Dennis wasn’t invited to various parties and she didn’t know what she had done wrong. But many people who are friends with Thomas Ravenel believed that she was using him to get what she wanted, especially since she was pregnant with her second child when she was filming Southern Charm.

According to a new set of tweets, Kathryn Dennis is now revealing that she’s not happy with the way Ravenel and Landon Clements are talking about her on Southern Charm. She decided to live tweet last night when the episode aired, and the comments were shocking. During the episode, Landon hinted that Dennis was using the pregnancy to manipulate Thomas, and she downplayed Kathryn’s medical emergency that could have killed her. Not so surprisingly, Kathryn Dennis had some harsh words for her co-star.

“I’ve heard a lot, I’ve read a lot. & I’ll only say this: Thomas knows what to do and what to stop doing to see his children,” Dennis revealed on Twitter in an epic rant as Southern Charm was airing on Bravo last night.

“Who is Landon? What is she talking about? She didn’t even say that right. Does she even go here???” Kathryn Dennis wrote on Twitter, hinting that Landon had no idea what happened the night Kathryn was rushed to the hospital. “Since the ‘record’ has been lied on, wonder when Lando +T-Rex will set their record straight. Things have yet to be unveiled..or do they?”

The grand fo sho

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Kathryn also replied to a fan who called Landon desperate for attention. Of course, Clements has been very vocal about being on Thomas’ side in this feud even though some of the other Southern Charm stars seem split or more on Kathryn’s side.

“Heh! Oui. She was trying to jump on my wave after wave and couldn’t stay on so yasss, she is dehydrated/salty as a saltine,” Dennis replied on Twitter, adding, “And her story that went something like ‘I never said anything about you I’ve never done anything to you.’ #Lolz #WrongLadder and Let’s #adult for 140 characters: The person to blame for upsetting me is Thomas. His ‘info’ is practically public knowledge by now.”

Ravenel has been spotted with several women over the past couple of months, and Kathryn called him out on Twitter, saying that he has had a younger woman living with him for quite some time. Of course, Ravenel has been linked to Landon and to Kathryn’s friend Jennifer, but it sounds like he’s already bringing in someone new, at least according to Dennis.

“Thomas has a 20-year-old girlfriend who didn’t graduate high school practically living with him. She sent a video rubbing her bottom all over every single counter in Thomas Ravenel’s home [where our children’s bedrooms are right upstairs]. What is your actual message??” Kathryn Dennis replied to the accusations that he has moved on, dropping the bombshell that he had indeed hooked up with Landon. “Thomas. Landon. You guys hooked up. Everyone knows…nobody is in the dark…k? Save yourselves.”

#Kensie#TellEm ????????

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According to Bravo, Thomas went on Watch What Happens Live to talk to Andy Cohen about the situation. He told Andy that he had no idea what Kathryn was talking about, and he admitted that he hadn’t dated anyone recently. But Dennis claims that he is lying. Plus, Ravenel hasn’t admitted to hooking up with Landon, but Kathryn reveals that it did indeed happen, and she doesn’t trust her co-stars. This will definitely be an interesting season of Southern Charm.

What do you think of Kathryn Dennis’ live tweeting? Are you surprised that she’s slamming her co-stars, revealing that Thomas and Landon did hook up?

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