Jessa Seewald Introduces Spurgeon To Uncle Derick In New ‘Jill And Jessa: Counting On’ Sneak Peek

On the next episode of Jill and Jessa: Counting On, Jill and Derick Dillard will be getting some special visitors to their new home. Jessa Seewald and husband Ben, along with baby Spurgeon, will be heading to Central America for a reunion with the family. A short clip from this particular episode shows just how much the 23-year-old mom is looking forward to seeing her older sister.

As soon as their plane landed, Jessa and Ben spotted their brother-in-law, Derick, who was there to pick them up. He went to the airport without Jill, as she may not have wanted to travel there with son Israel. As seen in the short preview that Us Weekly posted, Derick immediately grabbed Spurgeon out of his car seat to meet his nephew for the first time in person. Derick was greeted with lots of baby smiles, and the Duggar-in-law gave out many kisses on those chubby baby cheeks. He was very impressed with the little guy.

“He’s a solid guy, and he’s just really a chill baby, and he seems like a happy baby. Just a special time to get to hold him.”

Jessa and Ben have both been video conferencing with Jill and Derick ever since Spurgeon was born. The baby was smiling and quite intrigued by his uncle. It could have been all of the facial hair that Derick had.

The 27-year-old has so much hair now that he looks much different than he did when he left the United States. It looks like he hasn’t cared much to shave or cut his hair, but he may just like it that way. The bushy style may just fit in well in Central America. Spurgeon sure seemed to be fascinated by it.

Jessa mentioned that the baby was really good on both flights. She also confessed that she was so excited about seeing her older sister in her new home. She said she felt like a little kid in the back seat.

“The drive to meet up with Jill and Izzy seemed like it was really long because there was so much anticipation not having seen them for so long.”

The two sisters haven’t been able to see each other in person since Spurgeon has been born, so this time together will be a sweet one, and fans will get to enjoy it as well. A few of the younger Duggar siblings were also seen tagging along on this trip.

Another sneak peek of Tuesday’s episode was posted by People on Monday. In the preview, Jessa and Ben Seewald were getting ready to pack up and leave with their first-born son to head out of the country to meet his aunt, uncle, and cousin for the first time. It was entertaining as new daddy Ben pondered over just how much they will need to take with them on their international trip.

Of course, there have been many negative comments since the news came out that Jessa Seewald had decided to take her 5-month-old child to a different country. The risks of taking a baby to Central America caused many haters and concerned fans to wonder why this couple would expose their son to the Zika virus and the dangerous gangs that are in that area. Jill had mentioned several times on Jill and Jessa: Counting On that the area where they live is known for gangs.

Jessa Seewald pays a visit with Jill Dillard and Israel.

Jessa may also want to watch out for those huge tarantulas that Jill had mentioned in a previous episode. She said that she makes sure to look in every nook and cranny in case one may be crawling around their house. Derick has had to kill a few of them already.

Despite the possible dangers of traveling to that country, Jessa Seewald will be thrilled to be able to hug her sister and 1-year-old nephew Israel. The two cousins will meet face-to-face and be able to play together, even if it is for a very short time.

Be sure to catch Jill and Jessa: Counting On airing on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Are you looking forward to seeing Jessa Seewald and her family visit with Jill and Derick?

[Photo by Jessa Seewald Twitter]