UFO Hunter Spots 'Huge Alien Cities' With Bright Lights On NASA's Magellan Maps Of The Surface Of Planet Venus [Video]

A UFO hunter claims bizarrely to have spotted sprawling urban complexes with dazzling lights in old images of the surface of Venus -- the second rocky or terrestrial planet from the Sun -- published recently for the first time by NASA. According to the YouTube UFO hunter Mundo Desconocido, detailed images captured by NASA's Magellan spacecraft show artificial alien structures -- that is, buildings -- dotting the Venusian surface.

The Magellan spacecraft, a robotic space probe weighting about 1,000 kilograms (2,200 lbs), was launched to Venus from Earth on May 4, 1989. It entered near-polar elliptical orbit around Venus on August 10, 1990. NASA lost contact with the spacecraft on October 12, 1994, after it had conducted multiple rounds of radar mapping of the surface of Venus, collected gravity data, and conducted experiments from September 15, 1990 to August 1994.

YouTube researcher Mundo Desconocido now claims to have found in images obtained from radar mapping of the surface of planet Venus by the Magellan spacecraft, evidence of "huge cities" giving off visible lights, and other "artificial structures." He claims the maps show structures that were made clearly by intelligent beings or alien races native to the planet or alien colonists from distant worlds.

In the YouTube uploaded online on April 24, 2016 (see above), the alien hunter offers viewers three-dimensional reconstructions ("interpretations") of the Magellan images that reveal the alleged buildings and cities on Venus in detail. He describes the structures as "artificially bizarre shapes" that appear to be cities that "emit lights."

He guides viewers through the alleged structures on Venus that are supposedly urban building complexes.

"Images that have finally been published by NASA [show] huge cities, artificial structures [built by]... some kind of alien race."
Incredible as it may seem, the UFO hunter makes it clear that he believes that the surface of Venus is covered with cities with bright artificial lights. He provides a link to the interactive source maps, known as the Venus Global GIS Mapping Application, and encourages fellow alien hunters to follow the link and look at the original maps themselves so they can confirm his claim that there are "suspiciously artificial elements" on Venus. He also expresses hope that other alien hunters would be able to find new locations on Venus with artificial or intelligently designed structures.

High resolution image of planet Venus
High resolution 3D image of planet Venus [Image via Ksanawo/Shutterstock]The latest fantastic claim from the alien/UFO research community follows multiple claims of evidence of artificial alien structures, including dome cities, skyscrapers, UFO bases, temples, and even alien shopping malls on the Martian and lunar surfaces.

But having, apparently, exhausted the novelty of discoveries of artificial structures on Mars and the lunar surface, some anomaly hunters may have finally shifted attention to Venus, the second rocky planet in our solar system, about 67 million miles (108 kilometers) from the Sun.

Commenting on the astounding claims of sprawling urban centers with dazzling night lights on Venus, UFO researcher Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, argues that the video proves extraterrestrial life on Venus.

"Wow!" the notorious alien hunter exclaims, "This person not only found these structures, but made a CGI duplicate so we can see what it truly looks like."

"The entire... surface of Venus is covered in structures. Val Valiant Thor said he lived there, but most inhabitants live below the surface."
Val Valiant Thor was an alleged benevolent alien from planet Venus who -- according to alien conspiracy theorists -- worked for the U.S. government in the 1950s but returned to his native planet Venus in his spaceship.
Venus is similar to Earth in some respects being volcanically active. It has vast lava plains and other surface structures linked to volcanic activity.

Some skeptics have argued that the alleged cities with lights on the planet were most likely gross features of the planet's terrain linked to volcanic activity, such as the planet's extensive hot lava flows.

But going by the claims of alien and UFO hunters, at least three planets in our Solar System -- Earth, Mars, and Venus -- have life on them. Alien and UFO hunters also claim evidence of life on Earth's natural satellite, the Moon, and on Jupiter's natural satellite, Europa.

According to NASA, the Magellan mission was intended to map the surface of Venus and to determine the planet's topographic relief. It completed radar mapping of 98 percent of the surface of the planet at a resolution 10 times superior to that of the preceding Soviet Venera 15 and 16 missions.

The images have helped NASA scientists to understand the roles that impacts volcanism and tectonics have played in the formation of the surface of the planet. But claims by alien and UFO researchers that the images show huge cities with lights could only leave scientists scratching their heads in puzzlement.

The planet Venus is the second terrestrial or rocky planet in the inner solar system. It is also the second brightest space object in Earth's sky. It orbits the Sun once every 224.7 days and exhibits a rotation period of about 245 days in the opposite direction to Earth.

It has no natural satellite or moon of its own.

The planet has the densest atmosphere of the rocky planets, consisting mostly of carbon dioxide and a layer of sulfuric acid that conceals the surface from space.

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