Cary Deuber Slams LeeAnne Locken: Points To Disrespect, Day Drinking, And Reputation

Cary Deuber is living a great life in Dallas. She's married to her third husband, but it sounds like she has found the perfect husband for her, as they work together in the medical field. She's currently sharing her life on The Real Housewives of Dallas, and she's happy with the way she's living her life. But her co-star, LeeAnne Locken, seems to think that Deuber needs to do more in the charity world and she wanted to help her out -- without asking if she wanted the help.

According to a new Bravo report, Cary Deuber is now revealing that she was shocked to hear LeeAnne's accusations that she wasn't doing her part in the Dallas charity world. Of course, many of the ladies on the show are doing things to help out where they can, but they have family obligations, jobs, and careers. They don't have the time to work for free like LeeAnn Locken does. And Cary was shocked that Locken was so harsh with the ladies.

"LeeAnne must not have much going on in her daily life. Oh, except, how did Tiffany put it? Taking 'day drinking to an art form' -- good for you. This whole 'meeting' was a complete waste of time," Cary revealed in her blog for the episode.

Cary Deuber explains that she does make her mark on the Dallas social scene, even though it may not be what Locken expects. LeeAnne has worked hard to fit into the social circle in Dallas, and she hints that she has sacrificed much to be in this circle. And while she wants the other Real Housewives of Dallas ladies to join her in the circle, Deuber doesn't really want to.

"I am actually very well versed in 'Dallas Society.' I have chaired multiple events and know how to raise money, plan events and behave in life as a woman and professional! The real truth is that LeeAnne listens to nothing but herself talking; and the so-called 'rules' she speaks about are clearly HER rules, not real society rules," Deuber points out in her blog.

Deuber also adds that she is a mother and has other priorities. LeeAnne is only a step-mother and she may not have a need to bring money into the home like the other ladies. And Cary brings up an interesting point: maybe she doesn't hang around Locken because she doesn't want to be friends with her. Cary Deuber has her own group of friends, and maybe her co-star just doesn't fit in.

"Stephanie, Brandi and I are mothers. Our top priorities include taking care of our husbands, our children and ourselves. As a nurse, I also have a responsibility to my patients. It seems all LeeAnne cares about is charity, how she looks in the charity world and climbing the 'social ladder,' " Cary Deuber points out in her blog, adding, "I do agree with LeeAnne on one point though….you are who your friends are and they do affect your reputation. And that's why I'm not friends with LeeAnne!!!"

In her own blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas, Locken hinted that Cary wasn't accepted or liked in the Dallas social circle. She hinted that she was doing everything possible to make Deuber realize that she needed to change her ways. But as Deuber herself points out, she doesn't think that Locken can see other ways than her own. And walking out of the lunch did seem a bit immature. At least Cary can laugh about it today.

What do you think of Cary Deuber's blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas? Do you think LeeAnne had a point about Cary's role in the charity world or do you think she needs to take it easy when it comes to the other ladies' lives?

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