‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Sam Discuss Their Past Troubles With Franco, And A New Witness Shakes Up The Case Against Carlos

What is coming up on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that there is more action related to Carlos’ trial ahead, and viewers will see additional drama related to the Jason and Franco tensions. Dillon has some interesting interactions ahead during this April 26 show as well, and viewers will not want to miss this one.

Fans watched last week as Dillon helped a very drunk Nina after her latest fight with Franco. Nina made some moves on him, but he managed to escape her advances, and Kiki happened to find the whole scenario to be quite amusing. Fans have a hunch that a new romance may soon blossom for Kiki and Dillon, and General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps indicate that these two do spend some time together during Tuesday’s show.

Kiki and Dillon may be in the early stages of forming a friendship that most viewers suspect will move toward something more, but Dillon has to face Nina during Tuesday’s show as well. General Hospital spoiler previews show that Nina and Dillon will bump into one another during this next episode, and it seems likely that things will be a bit awkward. Just how much of her drunken evening will Nina remember?

Jason and Franco got into a heated confrontation during Monday’s episode, and Jason had a flashback regarding some of Franco’s previous bad deeds. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason and Sam will be talking about Franco, and Jason will feel certain that Franco is still quite dangerous.

Sam is said to fill her love in on at least some of the issues involving Franco from the past that he has yet to remember, and most would imagine that this will leave Jason more wary of him than ever. As for Franco, General Hospital spoilers tease that he will talk with Obrecht during Tuesday’s show, noting that maybe it is time for him to be the guy he was born to be, surely referencing bringing his dark side back again.

Alexis was left reeling after Molly tore into her about representing Carlos, and during Tuesday’s show, Alexis voices some concerns to Julian that they may be on the brink of losing everything. Carlos is certainly a loose cannon who has the power to turn their lives upside down, but it is certainly too early for Alexis to give up on winning this case.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jordan will be questioning a new witness named Hale, and it sounds as if Ric will be rushing to track down Sonny to let him know of this development. As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, there is some buzz swirling that the new witness may be a plant by Sonny. This person came out of the woodwork quite conveniently, and viewers know that Sonny had talked with Max about moving ahead on their Plan B. Carly will be with Sonny when Ric tracks him down, and it sounds as if this interaction could be a bit awkward.

It seems that the sudden appearance of this witness will leave both Carlos and Julian shaken, but everybody will have to wait and see whether this development can change the course of the case against Carlos. A new arrival in town is said to take an interest in Kristina, and General Hospital spoilers detail that someone will be keeping an eye on Jason and Sam.

What kind of trouble is on the way for Sam and Jason? Will Sabrina return to Port Charles to testify against Carlos? Will Julian kill off this new witness to try to ensure that he and Carlos remain free? There is plenty of drama on the way as this week continues, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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