'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Steffy Struggles As Liam Tries To Woo Her Back And Bill Is Determined To Track Down Quinn

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Tuesday's episode should be a great one that fans will not want to miss. Liam is determined to woo Steffy back now that he has returned home, but she is feeling torn and doesn't know what she should do next. Bill beckoned Deacon to his office and he is anxious to make Quinn pay for what she has done. What can everybody expect from the April 26 show?

During Monday's show, Liam called Steffy and asked her to head to the house to talk with him. While Bill had tried to reason with his son regarding this surprise marriage, Liam is not going to give up on reclaiming the life he had before Quinn hid him away. Steffy was clearly feeling a bit anxious about meeting with her ex, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that she will head over to his house to talk.

As We Love Soaps shares, Liam will do his best to woo Steffy during their talk. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that he will talk about how he kept having memories of her and that those memories are what gave him the determination and strength to get back home. It sounds as if he will bring up many of the powerful moments they have shared as a couple, hoping that those memories will sway her to choose him over Wyatt.

The Bold and the Beautiful viewers know, however, that he is forgetting the drama that they had been facing in the months prior to his disappearance. Those memories may still be elusive for him, but she has not forgotten how difficult things had become. The two were not in a great place before Quinn whisked him away, and she is having a hard time getting him to see that.

While Steffy may be feeling a bit torn over what to do next, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that she will be staying in her marriage for now. As the week continues, she will talk with Ridge about the situation. Obviously, Steffy still has a lot of love for her ex and she clearly jumped into marrying Wyatt too quickly. However, many B&B fans feel pretty strongly that she should stick with Wyatt and let go of the drama that tends to swirl when she is with Liam. For now, everybody will have to stay tuned to see which man she chooses.

Deacon showed up at Bill's office at the end of Monday's episode, and Bill made it clear that he wants to get his hands on Quinn. The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler previews share that Bill will be pulling out all of the stops to try to track Quinn down, so it seems that Deacon won't be handing her over himself. Bill may not have any luck in tracking her down quite yet, but spoilers tease that during Wednesday's show, viewers will see Quinn as she makes a shocking decision and it seems that she is already back in town, trying to determine her next move. Soap Central shares that later in the week she will visit Liam, and this should be a juicy confrontation.

Will Quinn pay for what she did to Liam? Will Steffy stay in her marriage to Wyatt or go back to her former fiance? Viewers can expect to see more related to Sasha, Nicole, and Zende later in the week as well as the two women battle over Zende's affections. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Sasha will be revealing the secret regarding Julius being her biological father soon, and viewers are anxious to see what comes next.

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