Waiter Feeds Man With No Hands At Mexican Restaurant -- Photo Of Heart-Warming Gesture Goes Viral

A photo taken at a Douglasville Mexican restaurant is going viral owing to a simple act of kindness it depicts. The heart-warming image shows a waiter feeding a man with no hands. Instead of letting the poor man struggle with his meal, the waiter stepped up and personally fed the man.

While a regular customer was enjoying his meal at a Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill, he witnessed an act of kindness that he instantly recorded with his phone. While sitting at the bar, Reginald Widener noticed a young waiter sitting across from a customer in a booth.

The waiter was calmly feeding the man. On closer inspection, it became clear that the customer did not have hands and the waiter was assisting him in finishing his meal. The waiter was 22-year-old Alex Ruiz, who appeared content and felt no pride in his actions, said Widener.

"He had a smile on his face the entire time. He didn't complain about it; it looked like he really cared."

Another regular at the restaurant corroborated the fact. He said that a disabled man came into the Cinco de Mayo Mexican Grill over the weekend, reported 12 News. Crystal Figueroa, a waitress at the restaurant in Douglasville, Georgia, later added that it was the customer who had asked for help, and Ruiz offered to assist him.

"Ruiz offered to feed the man after overhearing him ask for help. Over the course of the more than 30-minute meal, Ruiz didn't get up from the table once. [He] sat with him until he was finished eating," she explained. "He patiently waited for him to finish his meal."

After witnessing the act of kindness, Widener took a photo and shared it on Facebook, where it has gone viral. People have been commenting and praising the young server.


However, when congratulated, young Ruiz merely shrugged off, saying he only did what was right, and he's happy he did. Widener added that such acts of kindness, compassion, and consideration are a daily occurrence in the region.

"Southern hospitality is real down here. People do kind things all the time that's above and beyond what normally happens. This is just one example."

The incident is a great example of what is missing in the world today, added Widener, who felt compelled to share the photo of Ruiz feeding the man with no hands on social media.

"There's people who have a worse situation dealing with more [stuff] than you do day to day. The world needs more people to be positive."

There have been numerous incidents in the past where employees or waiters working at fast food restaurants have decided to help out customers who seem to be having difficulties eating their meals. Many such acts routinely go unnoticed in the din of a very busy fast food outlet. However, a few customers do record such acts of kindness to praise the people involved and motivate others to lend a helping hand whenever possible.

Experts say it is the natural instinct to help others that kicks in for people like Ruiz. The waiter instantly knew he had to assist the customer with no hands, and instead of silently debating with himself, he went straight ahead and decided to help.

[Image via Facebook]