Sharna Burgess Faces Backlash After Letting 'DWTS' Partner Down

Sharna Burgess was part of the switch-up week on Dancing with the Stars last week, and she was paired with Nyle DiMarco. During the switch-up, Sharna was asked who she thought would win the competition. Rather than mention her own dance partner, Antonio Brown, she pointed to a dancer who has been dominating the leaderboard. While Burgess didn't mean anything mean or negative about the comment, Antonio was hurt and frustrated with her comment. He felt that Sharna had given up on them as a team, as she didn't see them going to the finale together.

According to a new Instagram post, Sharna Burgess is now revealing that she's good with Antonio Brown and that they are stronger than ever. Sadly, her actions and her thoughts rocked the couple for a few hours, as Brown was clearly hurt. As an NFL player, he understands the importance of staying together even when things get rough.

"What an amazing week working with my Antonio Brown. We came back together after last weeks switch up and reignited the fire under each other. We are on the same page, we both want to take this all the way to the end and we are ready for the hard work ahead. Our team, #TeamBoomin is stronger than ever. Let's kill it tonight," Sharna Burgess wrote on Instagram, posting a picture of herself with Brown.

These professional dancers are supposed to offer a great support system for the stars who compete on the show, and it sounds like Sharna Burgess fell flat. Antonio was hurt and frustrated that Sharna didn't put their team first. Instead, she revealed that she didn't believe in them winning the show. For a moment, Brown was very disappointed in Burgess, and it could have easily destroyed them. But for Brown, this was the time to strive through adversity and pick himself up again.

And many of Sharna Burgess' followers were quick to share their thoughts about the conversation. While some people were more than eager to share their support for Sharna, others thought that she had clearly let down her partner.

"Confidence and hard work translate into everything. The problem isn't about Sharna answering the question honestly the problem is that deep down she doesn't think her partner is the best. In order to be the best you have to think you are the best always," one person wrote on Sharna Burgess's Instagram.

There were many criticisms of Burgess this week, especially because she had revealed that she was crushing on Nyle DiMarco just last week, according to People. In other words, she didn't hold back when it came to building others up. She just forgot to build up Antonio in the process, and based on last night's episode of Dancing with the Stars, it sounds like he needed her to step up and believe in them. But some people understood why Sharna said what she said about her partner.

"As a former professional ballet dancer that had her career ended from lack of trust in her partner, I can tell you that it is a team and you need to believe in your partner just as much as yourself. And yes the title of being the best is earned but you can't be the best without confidence, which comes from convincing yourself you are the best," another person replied to Sharna's original Instagram post.

What do you think of Sharna Burgess' comments? Are you surprised that she let down her Dancing with the Stars partner, or do you think she was just giving an honest answer to a question?

[Image via Instagram]