'Deadliest Catch's' Capt. Keith Colburn Opens Up About His Storyline For Season 12

Capt. Keith Colburn of Deadliest Catch is having a rougher season than usual. In an interview with Monsters & Critics, the captain of The Wizard shares a few details about what's ahead in Season 12 and how it has secured itself as the single most difficult one for him to date.

On the premiere episode of Deadliest Catch Season 12, it was evident Keith was starting out from Dutch Harbor with the odds already stacked against him. His emotions were raw from divorcing his wife of 25 years and knowing his children were all grown. The only thing he had in front of him was the sea and the profession he's known for decades. His brother had to prod him into leave the bar so the crew could begin their voyage to the Bering Sea crabbing grounds.

Family drama aside, Capt. Keith Colburn faced other misfortunes as soon after The Wizard set sail. After several hours had passed, it was discovered that the vessel had a fuel leak. Colburn knew he could not continue with serious malfunctions of the boat, so he turned it around. A few days later, the captain and crew departed once more after repairs were complete. Keith was apprehensive about missing out on the quota of crab he could reel in, but made a lucky strike in his first few crab pots. In the same episode, Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand reassured his friend that there is plenty of crab to be caught.

When the captain was asked what else arises this season, Keith said he cannot reveal too much, but that it is "treacherous" and involves someone with a "knife."

"It was really one of the most treacherous and stressful seasons yet," Colburn says. "So much happens on the Bering Sea that is unexpected. After all these years of fishing, things still come up out of nowhere."

"I can hint at something," the captain continued. "I'll just say it involved unexpected frozen boots and a crazy dude with a knife!"

Colburn adds that he had a lot of "setbacks this season" that he does not generally experience. The weather does not do much to help, either. This comes as no surprise to fans who often bear witness to the sea's fury, as storms batter boats and crashing waves make their way aboard.

Capt. Keith Colburn of Discovery's 'Deadliest Catch' is enduring a rough season professionally... and personally. What will the newly single captain learn about himself after season 12? (Photo Credit Courtesy of Discovery).
Capt. Keith Colburn of Discovery's Deadliest Catch is enduring a rough season professionally... and personally. What will the newly single captain learn about himself after season 12? [Image via Discovery]Speaking of stress and the impact it plays on health, Keith had a "wake-up call" after one cast member suffered a near-death condition due to stress. Capt. Sig Hansen of the The Northwestern had a heart attack while on his boat earlier this year. He is now recovering, but has openly admitted that the aftermath is no picnic.

"Sig's health issues were a wake-up call to all the captains," Colburn shares. "I had some issues with stress last summer and can relate."

Stress is all a part of the captain's lives on Deadliest Catch. They cope with their share of troubles amid boat problems, weather, crab quota, and crew dramas. This is not a job for the faint of heart and requires an individual of unshakable resolve.

On the April 26 episode of Deadliest Catch, Capt. Keith Colburn's storyline will be further explored as he continues to find himself again following his painful divorce.

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesday nights on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m., ET/ 6 p.m, PT.

[Image via Discovery Channel]