Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Empire Slammed For Sending Used Products And Being Unresponsive To Complaints

Customer complaints might be the downfall of Kylie Jenner’s lip kit empire if the 18-year-old fails to address them. The lip kit brushes were recently subjected to criticisms prompting the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star to release new ones. However, in the latest reveal by Radar Online, customer Monique Perna recalled her unsatisfactory experience.

“We ordered the gloss and one of her lip kits. My daughter got her box from her mailbox, which is secure and locked up. She opens it was completely empty! It had packing material in it, not even a box. It was unsealed.”

When the client finally received her lip kit, she was again surprised because the product was seemingly tampered with. “The matte gloss part looked like it had been used. When I pulled it out lip gloss was all over the edges. It had been opened and pulled out,” she said.

Perna claims that she will file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, because Kylie’s lip kit team isn’t responding to her emails. Recently, makeup artist Jeffree Star expressed his disappointment over Kylie lip kit’s bent brushes. He tweeted that the wand was unacceptable. He couldn’t believe that a multimillion dollar celebrity would allow such kind of brushes to go on sale.

Kylie was quick to address the issue. She issued a statement saying that her team already changed the problematic wands.

“As you can see from my matte lips. I changed my entire matte formula in the first month to be less dry and thick and I changed the wand to be more comfortable because I listen to you guys, and I love perfection. So good or bad, I love hearing your feedback. When I saw the problem with my lip gloss brushes I stopped all production and changed it. Life is a learning experience and we learn from our mistakes.”

It appears that Kylie might soon collaborate with Blac Chyna. The two women in Rob Kardashian’s life might have been rivals before (especially when Rob promoted his fiancée’s Lashed Liquid lipsticks on Instagram), but according to Hollywood Life, they have already settled their differences.

“Kylie and Blac are going to be a killer combination as friends. These two young dames are already talking about merging their business together, Kylie selling her lips kits and Blac selling her lashed products! It’s crazy they’re even discussing something like this considering they just hated one another months ago, but money can do that. These socialites love that almighty dollar and think they can make bundles of it together.”

However, Kris Jenner reportedly does not fancy the idea especially that Kylie’s lip kits sell out fast. The momager allegedly thinks that her daughter’s cosmetic line can stand on its own.

“Blac’s all in but Kylie’s going to have some trouble because of Kris. Ain’t no way in the world Kris is about to let Kylie bring Blac Chyna into the family’s business. Kris has a tight grip on all of Kylie’s business deals and everything must go through the momager first.”

Kylie previously thanked the supporters of her lip kits. She confirmed that they’re expanding her Kylie Cosmetics line although the young Jenner didn’t mention any upcoming collaboration.

Kendall Jenner’s promotion of another lip kit product also did not escape the prying eyes of fans. The model recently shared a photo of her promoting an Estee Lauder kit that bears a resemblance with the Kylie Lip Kit. The post has been deleted.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]