June 29, 2017
Cruz-Kasich Political Bromance Touted As The GOP ‘Game Of Thrones’

News already broke that Ted Cruz and John Kasich had palled up in an attempt to interfere with Donald Trump's seemingly unstoppable journey to the top of the Republican party nomination. It might be fizzling out, although at present, it is still in play.

The Alliance

The magic number of delegates Trump must reach to clinch the Republican nomination is 1,237. He currently holds 846, and CNN Politics says with the several upcoming primaries, it might not be difficult for Trump to get the nearly 400 more delegates he needs to secure the nomination.

However, Cruz and Kasich are hoping that the creation of an alliance, the likes of which the camera knows but the other team members don't as on Survivor and Big Brother, might help with "dulling that trajectory," even though mathematically, the odds seem to be ever in Trump's favor. And they aren't even hiding their attempt. However, even as Donald Trump loudly pontificates that Cruz and Kasich are "colluding" and "desperate" and "weak" and "pathetic" (which are very presidential words), John Kasich characterized it as no big deal.

"Other than the fact that I'm not going to spend resources in Indiana, he's not going to spend them in other places. So what? What's the big deal?" said Kasich.

But some do see it as a big deal. Robert Jeffress, a Fox News contributor, spoke to Stuart Varney on Fox Business saying if the Cruz-Kasich alliance succeeds in causing a contested convention, Trump supporters will be up in arms because Trump has stimulated people outside the immediate Republican party and they want Trump on the Iron Throne, err, in the White House.

Even the idea that Trump would tone it down a little and act more presidential lasted only days. Trump himself said being presidential was easy, but having to perform was harder. "Here I have to rant and rave, I have to keep you people going, otherwise you're going to fall asleep on me."

Jeffress, who does not support Cruz or Kasich, says Trump "can moderate his tone according to the need of the moment. We want a president who can use one tone when he's dealing with the leaders of a nuclear Iran that is different from the tone he uses at a Fourth of July picnic. That's not duplicity, that's wise leadership."

Is it? Is it really? And couldn't we at least get a taste of that presidential behavior before all the voting is done? Not that Trump's behavior thus far has hurt his numbers, even though it has turned off women and Hispanics. Now another question is will Cruz and Kasich hurt themselves with this attempt?

The Other Alliance

Donald Trump. Megyn Kelly. Now there's an alliance…if it was one. It's more just a ratings win-win, and each side is happy with their part of the win. The Washington Post reported that Trump agreed to a one-on-one interview with Megyn Kelly at Trump Tower on April 13. So Trump will have an opportunity to once again draw attention to himself and away from both Cruz and Kasich, and Kelly will score a certain ratings hit, as well as show her continued "testament to patience and professionalism," even after all of Trump's insults hurled her way.

Ultimately, the majority of people believe Hillary will end up being the candidate on the Democratic side, so whoever ends up being the Republican candidate needs two things: the ability to beat Hillary, and the skills to be a good president of the United States.

Is Trump's ranting and raving like the spoiled brat behavior of King Joffrey on Game of Thrones? We all know what happened to Joffrey. Are Cruz and Kasich like Stannis Baratheon who want to pursue their claims to the Throne despite being outnumbered? Everyone wants to sit on the Iron Throne but what are they willing to do to get there? And will it involve integrity and presidential behavior or something else? This is politics, after all.

Will the Cruz-Kasich team-up keep delegate numbers from reaching Trump's basket, or will Trump get enough delegates anyway? It all plays out tonight as the five primaries wind down.

Breaking News (sort of)

Something else that could sway voters toward Cruz or Kasich (or even the Democratic side) are the lawsuits against Trump related to his Trump University. Since it's getting closer to trial, Melisandre can't wave away the headlines with flames around the three lawsuits surrounding fraud and racketeering charges that have been swirling for the last several years about unfulfilled promises at the University.

Trump is not happy about them and, in his usual presidential style, even accused one of the judges leading two of the class-action lawsuits of being biased against Trump because of something he said about illegal immigrants, Bloomberg Politics reported. "I think it has to do with perhaps the fact that I'm very, very strong on the border. Now he is Hispanic, I believe. He is a very hostile judge to me."

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]