'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Abigail Continues To Be Haunted By Ben, Hope And Rafe Get Frisky, And Steve Gets Jealous

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday's episode indicate that viewers will see more of Abigail as she works on getting better. Rafe and Hope are having a fun evening together as the kids head to the prom, but it seems things will get a bit awkward between them. The April 26 show also has some action with Kayla, and viewers will not want to miss this jam-packed episode.

Rafe organized a fun evening for Hope, and it looks like she initially has fun with his flashback scenario. The two will share some kisses and Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that Rafe and Hope will consider taking things even further. Will they end up making love for the first time? It seems that things will start to head in that direction, but Hope puts the brakes on things and this will lead to some tensions later in the week.

Hope and Rafe may decide not to take the next step in their relationship yet, but Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Joey and Jade will head down a similar path and make a different decision. They will have sex for the first time, and viewers are curious to see what comes next for this teen duo.

Abigail briefly ran away with Thomas after overhearing Chad talk with Marlena about getting her help, but she quickly reunited with family and admitted that she needs help. She said goodbye to Thomas and the rest of her family, and Chad took her to a clinic to get some therapy. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that she will be having more night terrors about Ben during Tuesday's show.

According to Soap Central, these night terrors will leave Ben greatly concerned about Abigail and he continues to do his best to support his wife as she battles to get better again. While Abby is away, he will be taking care of Thomas and as the week continues, Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Ciara will try to step up and offer some help.

Ciara says that she would like to quit school to become Thomas' full-time nanny, but her idea doesn't fly with everybody. Chad will come up with a different idea, but Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that soon Chad will be battling Jennifer for custody of the baby. As for Abigail, Kate Mansi will be ending her time in the role soon, and reports have indicated that a new actress will not take over as Abigail until the fall. Viewers will have to stay tuned to find out for certain when Mansi will last appear in the role.

Kayla has pushed Steve away after all that happened with Ava, and she is facing a medical crisis on top of all of the family stress. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Kayla will share something of a happy or positive moment with Fynn during Tuesday's episode, and Steve happens to see the two together. It seems that he will be left feeling upset by Kayla's developing friendship with her colleague, but many have a hunch that things will change with Kayla and Steve's estranged relationship soon.

The teens may be enjoying their prom as the week gets going, but Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there is trouble on the horizon as the week continues. Will Hope throw herself into this relationship with Rafe and take things to the next level? Can Abigail regain her sanity and make it back home to Chad and Thomas soon? Viewers are anxious to see where things are headed as the chaos continues on Days of Our Lives.

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