Is There New 'NCIS' This Week? When Will It Return?

After last week's episode setting up the events for the NCIS Season 13 finale, fans now want to know how it will continue. Will there be a new episode this week, or will fans have to wait a while to see how it will all play out?

There is some good news and bad news regarding NCIS Season 13. The good news is that the final set of episodes will air one after another without any breaks. The bad news is that all starts from next week. This week will not see a new episode air, leaving last week's reveal of the British spy hunting down the NCIS agents who put him away as the cliffhanger for now.

With just three episodes left of the season, NCIS fans understandably want to see it all play out. This is especially the case since Michael Weatherly is leaving the show after 13 years. He is one of four characters who have been there consistently from the very beginning, so this is a big moment and a turning point for the crime drama.

The show will return on May 3, so there is not too long to wait. The episode titled "Homefront" will also feature a special guest star: First Lady Michelle Obama. The team will step into the White House, as the forces all join together to stop this new criminal before he gets to all the agents involved in his wife being killed and him being put away for espionage.

There will be an uninterrupted run to the NCIS Season 13 finale, according to Yibada. The finale will air on May 25, and fans will reportedly not be disappointed with Weatherly's departure. Executive Producer Gary Glasberg has said that he has had time to plan the exit to make sure all fans are happy with it. The Inquisitr has reported that Cote de Pablo will not return to the screens, but her character Ziva is playing a big role in Tony DiNozzo's exit.No synopsis has been shared for the next episode of NCIS, Episode 22. The only news released has been centered around First Lady Obama's inclusion, who will meet Gibbs and various spouses of military men and women. The scenes were even filmed within the White House, adding to the experience for the NCIS cast and crew.

The inclusion of the First Lady has also included a real initiative that she has helped setup. "Joining Forces" is something that will be mentioned and is the reason for Gibbs and Aylesworth's character to appear in the episode.

Some reports include that the episode will include a 14-year-old boy who is involved in a home invasion. This may be why a marine wife, played by Reiko Aylesworth, will appear in front of the First Lady. Could it be that the British spy has started attacking family members of those involved in his past events?

There is also no promo video for the episode yet. CBS is still to release any information, but it will be made available as soon as possible. With still a week to go before the episode airs, there is still time. It is possible that it will be shared later tonight, when promos for the next week are usually released. This could give the first look at the First Lady's performance and the real look of the White House.

Meanwhile, the story for DiNozzo's departure continues to grow. Last week, McGee told him that he would not need to disclose the information that people had died in his apartment if he came to sell due to the passage of time. DiNozzo was genuinely interested in this fact, suggesting that it will play a role in him leaving the NCIS team for good.

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