Cote de Pablo Returning To 'NCIS' Season 13?

There are many ways that Michael Weatherly could leave NCIS during the Season 13 finale. One of those that fans want to see is him leaving to be with Ziva and Cote de Pablo returning for the episode right at the end. Is it possible that this will happen?

According to Carter Matt, Pablo has confirmed that she will not appear in the finale, disappointing many NCIS fans. However, her character is going to play a pivotal role in Tony DiNozzo's exit. While she may not appear, her character may be mentioned in a way that makes it clear he is leaving to be with her. He is putting his own hopes for a family first, rather than his NCIS team.

Gary Glasberg spoke to The Hollywood Reporter last week, and said that he was not writing DiNozzo out for the shock value. It does suggest that Weatherly's character will not be killed off, which is a fear for many. Instead, it looks like he will walk away from the team. It was previously reported by The Inquisitr that he would put family first in the NCIS Season 13 finale, which could have meant taking a bullet for the team or that he was putting his own family life first.There is currently a death spree on TV. The 100 was slated for its decision to kill off Lexa and Lincoln, but it has not finished yet. The Originals still has two deaths to fit into the rest of Season 3. Sleepy Hollow and Arrow have both killed off-key female characters. It makes sense that fans were worried NCIS would follow suit, but it looks like other shows doing this have made Glasberg think twice. NCIS already killed off an agent back in Season 2 when Sasha Alexander left her role as Caitlin Todd.

Glasberg also said that certain endings suit different characters better. Agent Todd's death suited her character more than it would suit DiNozzo's character. It appears Glasberg believes DiNozzo walking away, possibly with a romance storyline, will suit him better. Glasberg has said that he believes DiNozzo fans will be happy with his character in the end.

One of the benefits for Glasberg is that he has known since the start of the season that Weatherly was looking to leave the show. It gave him the chance to create a full storyline, similarly to the way that Criminal Minds was able to give Derek Morgan a full storyline before Shemar Moore walked away.Of course, it would make sense for Ziva David to have some part in DiNozzo's decision to leave. She will have an impact, but it looks like Pablo is not returning to NCIS. Fans have already said that it would be great to see DiNozzo walking to the elevator as his final scene, open the door and see Ziva standing there. As the rest of the team watch, he just gets into the elevator with her, and they share a look.During a Q&A at Babson College, Pablo admitted that the scripts were not good enough for her to return. She also said "political things" stopped her from coming back. Nobody has said anything more on this just yet, and CBS is still to comment.For some fans, Pablo not returning will not be too bad. Just a mention that he is going to be with her will be enough for some. Others want to see DiNozzo being offered to lead his own team in Italy, an offer made years ago. If this was the case, he would not have a reason to see Ziva in the final scenes of the NCIS Season 13 finale.

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