Who Is Mary Fallin: Is She Really 'USA's Worst Governor,' And Is She Right For Trump's Vice President?

Since CNN reported that Donald Trump may have found his 2016 campaign vice presidential nominee in Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, the story has gone viral. However, barely any of Fallin's actual policies and their compatibility with Trump's campaign are being discussed. So let's take a look at who Mary Fallin is and why some think she would be an ideal running mate for Trump.

As South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer pointed out on CNN's State of the Union, Mary Fallin would bring one much-needed element to the Trump campaign: balance.

"I think he's going to say, 'Who can help me get the job done?'" Bauer said in reference to Trump.

"And I think he needs some balance, and I like Mary Fallin for that reason."
Donald Trump has indeed been seen as a very polarizing candidate in the past, and Mary Fallin's presence would undoubtedly help alleviate some of the perceived misogynistic image Trump has acquired.

Fallin has also governed Oklahoma for half a decade now, and her not-inconsiderable experience navigating the waterway's of American federal government are another thing that Trump would like to add to his ticket.

In addition, as Bauer said, Mary Fallin is "an articulate, well-spoken, attractive woman," three qualities that the tens of millions of anti-Trump trolls on social media would jump to tell you he does not have.

As far as policies go, Donald Trump and Mary Fallin are playing on the same field.

For example, points out International Business Times, both Trump and Fallin are big opposers of immigration.

"We need more than manpower. We should build physical barriers such as fences and walls where necessary," said Fallen when On the Issues asked her about border security.

Sound familiar? Trump's infamous wall proposal is well-known, and the two may be able to work something out together.

Mary and Donald also have similar views on abortion. In other words, they are both staunchly opposed to anyone getting one, and they both want to punish the people involved. Trumps opts for punishing the woman receiving an abortion, and Fallin proposes to punish the doctor giving them, but there is no doubt they could find a middle ground.

A third similarity is that both Fallin and the Donald strongly disagree with President Barack Obama's plan that allows illegal immigrants to gain citizenship for themselves and their children after a certain amount of time in the US.

"President Obama's decision to circumvent a newly elected Congress and grant amnesty to five million illegal immigrants undermines the rule of law," Fallin stated at the time the plan was enacted.

"All of this comes with a price tag, which the president has not addressed."
Though Fallin has spoken a lot about conserving the federal budget and prides herself on halving Oklahoma's pension deficit, she has often been labeled as someone who is bad at managing money. During her governance, in fact, the state budget has sunk to $1.3 billion, an all-time low.

Mary Fallin has also taken a lot of flak for the huge increase in earthquakes due to fracking that have occurred in Oklahoma in the past few years and the extremely conservative policies that have led Oklahoma to be, in the words of Blue Nation Review, a "punchline" in national headlines.

Since last December, Oklahoma's economy and education system have consistently been rated as the lowest in any of the 50 states, and Fallin has been accused of not doing anything about any of the issues the state is experiencing.

It is no surprise that MSNBC says Mary Fallin "is running a solid race to take the title of USA's worst governor."

But despite all this, Donald Trump commented on Andre Bauer's tweet saying Mary Faallen should be his vice president by saying "great advice!"

[Photo by Sue Ogrocki-Pool/Getty Images]