Life Throws Beyoncé Lemons So She Makes 'Lemonade' -- But Iggy Azalea And Azealia Banks React Violently

Who in the world would name his or her latest music album after lemonade? Right, only Beyoncé. The musical world will never be the same again as the demand for music to be both musical as well as visual will soon be at an all-time high. Beyoncé's cinematic music video extension also catches fire worldwide while at the same time eliciting charges of racism from both the white and black communities. Now that is a kind of reaction no one has heard of in a long time.

The truth is, making lemonade when the weather man says "rainy with a chance of lemons" makes perfect sense. From a business perspective, however, trying to make money from lemonade often ends up with two BFFs quarreling, i.e., pulling each other's hair. Just imagine this particular scenario playing out in a small town where a local basketball tournament is in the works.

Too bad, Jay Z's grandmother never warned Beyoncé about it. For a while there, without inspecting the finished product, Beyoncé's sixth musical album portrayed as lemonade smacks of the artist's work as dirt cheap. In reality, however, many people who were the first to witness the HBO video unfold have nothing but accolades for the crisp, well-edited scenes which altogether form approximately an hour's length of entertainment.

Lemonade is also two sub-themes all rolled into one. First is Jay Z's alleged philandering in the past, while the second, all-encompassing theme is about public discrimination against black women. Some people have theorized that once Lemonade is out, there will be no more candle-lit lobster dinners for Beyoncé's husband. Or at least, steak and lobster dinners will be the exception rather than the rule in the household. But no one can tell for sure. Who knows, it could all be pure speculation.

Sure enough, however, one of the first to put a divergent point of view on Beyoncé's Lemonade project is Iggy Azalea. She decried the usage of the name Becky in the song. Azalea claimed that whoever this Becky is in real life, it's not good as it conjures images of white trash in Azalea's imagination.

The good thing is, Justin Bieber has not thrown in his otherwise weighty "What Do You Mean?" yet. And so, Beyoncé has not said "Sorry" for anything that has to do with her recent work. And Lemonade definitely isn't shabby at all. It has the precise level of expertise that fans and non-fans have come to expect from the former Destiny's Child singer.

For her part, however, Azealia Banks flat-out says that Lemonade is actually bad for feminism in general and black women in particular. She accuses Beyoncé's latest opus as a pretender to the throne. Accordingly, Billboard quotes Banks as crying that Beyoncé is a cheap, good-for-nothing copycat who perpetuates "the antithesis of...feminism in that sad black female sufferance."

Banks is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Will criticism like this put a dent on Beyoncé's current $450 million net worth? Regardless, divergent point of views will always be worth listening to as these push the bar even higher for the artist in question. And if Beyoncé were afraid of bad publicity, she wouldn't be encouraging an ongoing online conversation about her latest work now, would she? After all, bad publicity is still publicity.

Wasn't it Kanye West who said that a true artist is someone who always pushes boundaries, no matter how unpopular? In fact, he got into lots of trouble interrupting Taylor Swift during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Girl, Interrupted is never nice. Yet clearly, no actual flirtation went on there, just actual, if one-sided, seduction.

So Jay Z will remain on the tight spot for as long as Beyoncé's Lemonade album remains popular, and God knows how long that piece of work will remain in that condition. As Fader goes, Lemonade left people with a lot of thoughts about the couple.

"Did he cheat? Are they getting a divorce? No, they're still married, but consider Becky finished."

Let's hope that gives Iggy Azalea some kind of closure. The only question that remains is, why would Beyoncé choose to torture her husband with her work, unless nothing really happened between the two? Or is Beyoncé really that shrewd wife who knows how to forgive indiscretion or infidelity on the part of her husband, only to use it to advance her career as well as her financial situation. Clearly, this Beyoncé-inspired conversation can go on and on. One tall glass of lemonade, please.

[Photo by Win Mcnamee/Getty Images]