Chicago Bears' Rumors: Who Will Fall To The Bears In The Draft

All eyes will be on Chicago in the next few days. The Chicago Bears cannot disappoint. Luckily, everything has broken the Bears' way thus far, as the NFL Draft approaches. The Bears can take advantage of the movement at the top of the draft by landing one of the players they covet on their draft board.

It took two trades for the top two draft picks for things to change in favor of of the Bears. Those trades -- for the Los Angeles Rams grabbing the No. 1 pick and the Philadelphia Eagles acquisition of the No. 2 pick -- are guaranteed to take quarterbacks. The names of Carson Wentz and Jared Goff will become the first two names called by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at Thursday night's draft. How will the draft unfold beyond the first two picks?

There will be a couple of players who will slide now. Neither Wentz nor Goff was given a top-9 draft grade by ESPN. Either way it can be sliced, the Bears are in a great position because at least one member of the top-9 rated players will be available.

That number could increase, depending on a team who drafts for a need, such as the San Francisco 49ers selecting quarterback Paxton Lynch. The 49ers need a passer as they look to trade Colin Kaepernick as soon as they receive an offer they like. If San Francisco balks at bringing Lynch on board, he could slide to No. 11, allowing the Bears to draft him, draft someone else, or trade the pick.

Regardless, if any more trades take place, it will be a mystery which players are going to drop to 11. Mystery works in the Bears' favor as some intriguing questions are raised.

The common question that surrounded the Chicago Bears' draft prior to the movement at the top of draft was which defensive player will they take?

Thanks to the recent run to draft the two quarterbacks, a couple of surprises maybe waiting for the Bears at No. 11.

It is possible that Paxton Lynch will fall to 11. Would the Chicago Bears bite if he is there?

Some people believe that the Bears will bite, while others believe that they will pass on him. It is a strong possibility that the Bears trade their pick if Lynch is on the board at No. 11. The Chicago Bears have greater needs on the defensive line and in the secondary to even consider taking Paxton Lynch with their pick. They could add to the nine picks they already have if they were to trade down.

It was reported by the Sporting News that Lynch scored low on the Wonderlic test. That will not be enough to scare other interested teams off.

A pair of Ohio State Buckeyes might also be on the board when the Bears make their pick.

Although it is a pure long shot, Joey Bosa and or Ezekiel Elliott could fall to No. 11.

This only comes to fruition if all three of the following scenarios take place:

1. The Dallas Cowboys select Myles Jack or reach for Paxton Lynch.

2. The Baltimore Ravens go with a linebacker instead of a defensive lineman.

3. Ezekiel Elliott is passed over by the Cleveland Browns.

Again, it would be a long shot that either Bosa or Elliott would be available at No. 11 for the Bears. It is more likely that Ezekiel Elliott is still on the board when the Bears choose. They will have a tough decision to make if he is, especially if Geogia's Leonard Floyd and Alabama's A'Shawn Robinson are still standing.

Ezekiel Elliott is the highest rated running back to hit the NFL Draft since Minnesota's Adrian Peterson. Peterson is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. If Elliot comes anywhere close to that, he would be a steal if he falls to No. 11. Chris Emma of CBS Local Chicago predicts that the Chicago Bears will indeed draft Ezekiel Elliott.

In a perfect world, DeForrest Buckner would fall to 11. That will not likely happen. Having Leonard Floyd, available will be ideal. If a team in the top-10 falls in love with his upside, he will be taken immediately. That would only make another top-10 prospect available.

When NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell calls the Chicago Bears' draft pick on Thursday, it will be the name of a player who fell to them. The Bears are in an a good position.

[Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images]