Kim Fields Injured: Will This Keep Her From 'Dancing With The Stars' Tonight?

There is another Dancing With the Stars injury, and now fans are curious if Kim Fields will end up dancing tonight or not. The actress doesn't want anything to hold her back, though. People shared what happened to Kim Fields and if it will keep her from dancing on the show tonight or not. She is the second one to be injured just this week. Earlier this week, Jodie Sweetin was hurt, but things are looking up for her now.

Kim Fields doesn't want to miss dancing for one night on the show. If she doesn't dance, then she will end up getting sent home. Kim went to the doctor, and her scans showed an "indication of stress fractures." The doctor explained to Kim Fields that you can't ignore this and because of that, he wanted her to skip the rehearsals. Kim didn't listen though and said she would rehearse anyway. She mentioned that she has had two kids, so obviously Kim isn't worried about the pain from a stress fracture.

In the past on DWTS, they have allowed a contestant to use their dress rehearsal tape and get scored on it. Since Kim planned to go to rehearsals, she could end up getting scored on this if things don't work out and she can't do the live show tonight.

Kim Fields told her partner Sasha Farber not to take it easy on her at all. She told him, "I'm begging you, do not change your original vision for this dance or for the rest of the competition. It would really disappoint me." Sasha explained that if his partner was anyone else that they would not be dancing tonight.

There is a chance that Kim Fields made her injury worse by going to rehearsals and not taking any kind of break from the show. At this time, it sounds like Kim will still be dancing tonight, but fans will have to wait and watch the show to find out for sure what happens.

There is also a lot of talk going on about Kim Fields leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but Reality Tea shared that at this time a decision has not been made either way. Kim talked about it while on Hollywood Today Live. She shared that DWTS takes really good care of you, and she actually isn't sore from being on the show. Kim doesn't have any background in dance or training before the show. Kim was then told it didn't look like she was having a lot of fun on RHOA, and she shared her thoughts.
"The funny thing about that is I actually did! Even in the moments where it was kind of 'speedbumps' – it's part of the interaction and you expect that. Funny enough, when they were talking about Prince being true to himself, that's what I was doing. I'm true to myself so I put my toes in the water and I didn't drown. I was able to maintain who I am, who my family is – behind of and in front of the scenes. So, I was fine with it."
Do you think that Kim Fields should have taken a break from Dancing With the Stars and not danced at rehearsals? Do you feel like Kim could end up winning the show? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss the new episode of Dancing With the Stars tonight on ABC.

[Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BMI]