Does Nicki Minaj Want President Obama To Pardon Her Accused Child Molester Brother?

Nicki Minaj has friends in high places, but would she consider asking President Obama to pardon her brother Jelani Minaj, who has been indicted on charges of sexual molestation of a 12-year-old? Rumors are saying yes, but there are a few things wrong with this Minaj buzz. First, Jelani Minaj has been charged, not convicted, so he can't be pardoned. Next, if Jelani Minaj is convicted, what would make Nicki Minaj think that President Obama would pardon a child molester? But the truth is, Jelani Minaj has had a grand jury indict him, and he is facing years in prison.

According to The Inquisitr, celebrities charged with crimes against children tend to end up being loathed by the general public, like Jared Fogle of Subway fame, who not only had sex with underaged girls but also accrued a serious collection of child pornography. Fogle will be in a Federal prison for his crimes until he is retirement age, and he is the object of ridicule and beatings in prison.

Hollywood Life has lent credibility to the idea that Nicki Minaj wants some high-level help to get her brother Jelani out of trouble. Nicki Minaj, who has reportedly met with the president, ironically for a program with rappers called "My Brother's Keeper," but there is no confirmation that her brother, Jelani Minaj, accused of child molestation, ever came up. Sources are claiming that the topic of Nicki Minaj's brother did come up.
"Nicki [spoke] with the President about it. They're going to talk more. The President leaves office in January, he can just pardon Jelani and then leave. No one would be able to say anything about it."
Jelani Minaj, who is charged in Nassau County on Long Island, won't be in court again until May 26, so the idea that the president could pardon him pre-trial is absurd, but Nicki Minaj wouldn't be the first celeb to not understand how the criminal justice system works. Also, pardons generally don't happen before you've spent a day behind bars.
Jelani Minaj is facing charges of felony predatory sexual assault against a child, along with felony sexual conduct against a child under age 13, sexual conduct against a child, and endangering the welfare of a child. All of this means that Jelani Minaj could face upward of 20 years behind bars.

The Nicki Minaj and President Obama rumor is persisting, but Minaj is not talking about it publicly, and President Obama certainly isn't going to mention it, true or not.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Jelani Minaj has been indicted of serious crimes against a 12-year-old child, but Minaj claims it was some other grown man. Jelani Minaj, who was recently married, is now free on $100k bail from the Nassau County jail. Jelani Minaj and his wife Jacqueline are raising two children, including a girl, 12, and an 8-year-old boy, sources are saying.
"The victim was someone he had access to."
Neighbors of the Minaj family say that they are shocked by the charges. Neighbors commented that they didn't see this coming, and there wasn't any indication that Jelani Minaj was a threat to children.
"I was shocked! I was upstairs in the office. My wife called and she says, 'You'll never believe what I just heard on the news.'"
The neighbors say that Jelani Minaj, his wife, and children are kind and friendly and always say hello.
"Nothing unusual. No rowdiness. No noise."
Nicki Minaj and Jelani Minaj are reportedly very close, and the Minaj family are all distressed by the charges.

Do you believe that there is any truth to the rumor of Nicki Minaj asking President Obama for a pardon for Jelani Minaj?

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