Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Collab: The Major Clue You Need To See

Fans have been so shocked by Taylor Swift's new look that they haven't noticed the clues the singer and her DJ boyfriend have been dropping on social media.

People have been wondering if Calvin Harris will ever collaborate with his famous girlfriend Taylor Swift ever since they started dating last year. After all, they're both hot artists who burn up the music charts whenever they drop a new song or album. If you haven't noticed lately, Harris' social media accounts closely resembles Swift's Coachella jacket. It could be a hint that the two are collaborating on a new song together.

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift took to Instagram to debut her new platinum blonde hair and edgy new style for Coachella. She captioned this slick photo, "BLEACHELLA," along with the lightning emoji.

Harris also changed his social media accounts. On his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles, he has an image of a lightning bolt similar to the one on Swift's jacket. Some fans have taken notice of the mysterious images and wondered if the couple will finally collaborate on a new song together.

Since Calvin didn't drop any new music during last weekend or this past weekend's set, it's still possible that he may drop a new song soon. However, a so-called insider close to Taylor told the Hollywood Life that she has not recorded a song with the hit-making producer.

Other sources claimed that Harris refuses to work with Swift because of his past relationship with Rita Ora. The reason why the "How Deep Is Your Love" DJ doesn't want to work with the pop star is because he's worried to mix business with pleasure, according to The Sun.

"Calvin's next single is ready but the label is keen for him to get a big female U.S. star to collaborate on it. They floated the idea of him working with Taylor but he politely declined it."
Harris and Ora ended their relationship in 2014 after they collaborated on a number of songs, including her hit song "I Will Never Let You Down." After their split, Harris banned her from performing the new song at the 2014 Teen Music Awards, among other shows.

Apparently, the DJ is in talks of having Beyoncé featured on one of his tracks, claims the source. The singer just surprised fans with her HBO special and visual album, Lemonade, this past weekend.

"Calvin has seen how sour things can turn when working with someone he's dating. He is very serious about Taylor and doesn't want to rock the boat. He's smitten. Instead, he is in talks with Beyonce as he's always wanted the pair to work together. She is a big fan. He loved her feature on Naughty Boy's dance single 'Runnin' (Lose It All)' last year."
Even though Queen Bey just dropped her new album, rumors are swirling that she will release a deluxe album that will include even more big name collaborations. If Calvin and Bey did agree to a secret collab, then it would be a huge diss to Rita Ora, who's currently in a legal battle to get out of her contract from Jay Z's label Roc Nation.It'll be interesting to see if the collaboration rumors between Swift and Harris are true. It's important to note that the couple have completely different musical styles. Though Swift has successfully crossed over to the pop genre, most of her music is bubblegum pop whereas Harris is strictly EDM and club music. The only way for a collaboration to work between these two is if Swift agrees to lend some of her vocals and songwriting talents for a killer electronic track.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are collaborating on a new song? Or do you think she's just supporting her boyfriend? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photos by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for iHeartRadio/Turner]