'The Division' Weekly Maintenance Period Moves To Thursday Mornings

As an online title, it is necessary for developer Massive Entertainment to regularly take down the servers for Tom Clancy's: The Division in order to perform weekly scheduled maintenance to ensure that the game runs as smooth as possible. This routine downtime has taken place on Tuesday mornings ever since The Division first launched last month.

However, the developer announced a permanent change to the game's ongoing maintenance times after confirming that there won't be a scheduled downtime this Tuesday. According to the official Twitter account for Tom Clancy's: The Division, the team has decided to move the game's weekly maintenance window to Thursday mornings, beginning this week.

Server maintenance in The Division is usually only held to give the game's online servers time to reset. While the weekly downtime is never guaranteed to actually implement new content, many additional features are often added to The Division through title update patches that are deployed alongside these scheduled maintenance times.

Even though there has been a change to what day Massive Entertainment will perform maintenance on Tom Clancy's: The Division, the developer announced that the move won't impact when the new weekly assignments will rotate. Fans can still expect the weekly missions and rewards to update on Tuesday mornings going forward.

Know as Operation ISAC, the weekly challenges in The Division were first introduced to the game as part of the recent Incursion update. The various missions task players with completing a list of different in-game objectives that include such goals as completing co-op missions, exploring the Dark Zone, or registering kills on specific enemy units.

The Division playable character
The Division's weekly assignments give agents plenty of new goals to meet [Image via Ubisoft]While details have not yet been released regarding tomorrow's new weekly assignments, players still have time to finish up the currently available challenges to earn this week's Phoenix Point rewards before the missions reset on Tuesday morning. In order to finish the assignment ending tonight, gamers must kill 30 veteran rank enemies in the Dark Zone, defeat 40 enemies with explosions, create 15 high quality crafted items, and finish 10 missions while playing on the Hard difficulty setting.

In an attempt to make the weekly missions feel like they are continuing the narrative of Tom Clancy's: The Division, each new week of challenges for Operation ISAC are first introduced by a video posted on the official Ubisoft blog. The assignment orders are delivered to players by fictional technician Simon Keyes.

"New directives for Division Agents are now available through Operation ISAC, along with a new transmission from Division technician Simon Keyes to give them context. Continuing the story from last week's episode, Simon discovers a new lead in the hunt for who or what is targeting ISAC. Operation ISAC adds free weekly challenges for high-level players every Tuesday on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. To keep tabs on the challenges, and the rewards for completing them."

Like many online titles, Massive Entertainment is still learning how to adapt The Division in order to keep up with the ever-changing environment caused by its bustling community. In addition to trying to rid the game of any bugs and other known issues that can present themselves over time, the studio is also preparing to look ahead to new DLC content that will be added through the title's upcoming Season Pass add-ons.

In an effort to get an idea on what players might hope to see in the game's future, publisher Ubisoft recently sent out a customer satisfaction survey to The Division users. As reported last week by the Inquisitr, the survey asked fans some oddly specific questions about possible new features. Some of the topics that stood out the most were discussions on whether gamers would like to see The Division expand with additional cities or time periods to explore.

The Division holdiay decorations
Could The Division move away from New York in the future? [Image via Ubisoft]Along with the change to move The Division's scheduled maintenance to Thursdays, it is also assumed that the developer's weekly State of the Game livestream will also now take place on the new day, as well.

[Image via Ubisoft]