Adam Levine Is 'Ready' For His First Child, Continues To Feud With Miley Cyrus On 'The Voice'?

Adam Levine is "ready" to welcome his first child with wife Behati Prinsloo.

As rumors continue to swirl regarding Adam Levine's allegedly ongoing feud with Miley Cyrus on The Voice Season 10, the Maroon 5 singer spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his thoughts on parenthood.

"I'm ready to be a dad. You're born to be a parent, that's what we're here for, really. All the other s*** is great, but it's not what we're here for," Adam Levine told the outlet, via IOL on April 24. "When you are doing this for the first time, everybody loves to tell you what you should be doing. So, we're kind of tuning a lot of it out and we're just going to do it how we do it."

Adam Levine married Prinsloo, a Victoria's Secret model who recently launched her own clothing line with Juicy Couture, in July 2014, and ever since, both Levine and Prinsloo have made their desires to welcome a large family well known. In fact, Adam Levine once told Ryan Seacrest that he wanted to have more kids with Prinsloo than would be "socially responsible."

Adam Levine's wife's pregnancy news hit the web in early March, but it wasn't until later that month when he finally confirmed the news with a baby bump photo of Prinsloo on Instagram. At the time of Us Weekly's report last month, a source claimed Adam Levine was "over the moon" with joy about his wife's baby news and noted that Prinsloo was three or four months along.

As Adam Levine awaits the birth of his first child, a baby girl according to E! News, rumors continue to swirl regarding his allegedly strained relationship with Miley Cyrus, who will join The Voice as a coach during Season 11.

Earlier this month, a source told Us Weekly that Adam Levine and Cyrus "totally butted heads" during Cyrus' appearance as an advisor on The Voice.

"They both have short attention spans," a source close to the NBC series told the magazine. "They find each other annoying. [Adam Levine] would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him, and she enjoyed getting under his skin."

Although Adam Levine and Cyrus will soon be working in close quarters, they haven't hit it off, and when Season 11 begins, it wouldn't be surprising to hear about more drama between them.

"[Adam Levine] and Miley were non-stop bickering during their last taping together," an insider told Radar Online days after Us Weekly's initial report of their rumored feud. "He nitpicks almost every single thing she says. Adam seems to find Miley to be extremely loud-mouthed and absolutely annoying!"

According to Radar Online's insider, Christina Aguilera had a role in Cyrus' addition to The Voice. Because Aguilera is said to be at odds with Gwen Stefani, the girlfriend of her fellow coach Blake Shelton, she allegedly enlisted Cyrus to take her coaching position on the show so that Stefani wouldn't be brought back.

However, "executives are now second-guessing their decision to bring Miley Cyrus on full time because she cannot get along with Adam to save her life!" the source explained.

For more Adam Levine, tune into The Voice Season 10 airing on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC, and to hear about his upcoming move with Prinsloo to a family friendly home in Los Angeles, check out the Entertainment Tonight clip below.

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