Here Are 7 Paid iPhone Apps You Can Get For Free This Week (Yes, Really)

iPhone Apps aren't always what users expect. It's good to know that they can be returned or that downloading some apps won't cost a dime. Normally, users only have a few options when it comes to downloading iPhone Apps for free, including jailbreaking, downloading apps marked as free, and downloading other apps that announce when applications are going to be on sale and/or free to download.

Starting today, though, users won't need to hack their phones or search through the App Store like a frazzled traveler to get free downloads. Here are 11 paid apps that can be downloaded free on iPhones this week.

1. Remote Pro: Remote Access The Easy Way

As notes, this handy little iPhone app lets you control your Mac from your phone. You can even use your iPhone or iPad like a miniature version of a mouse, if having a mouse the size of a phone doesn't frustrate you. There are other apps like this out there, though, this one seems to be the most feature-packed. This app would normally cost $1.99 USD, but this week you can grab it for free.

2. Trader's Way: Investing Without Investing

Trader's Way, a virtual stock market simulation app, is also free this week. As Yahoo Finance has discovered, the iPhone simulation is simple enough with buttons telling how much you "made" (or lost) on a trade, and a scroll bar at the bottom to negotiate the purchase and sale of trades.

3. Quick Reposter: It's All In The Name

iPhone App number three that's free this week is for the social butterflies in all of us. Quick Reposter, as the name suggests, lets you share sites and other online content to Instagram quickly. Your Instagram friends won't thank us when you nab this free download (and your ticket to oversharing), but you just might.

4. Mammoth Password Manager: The Memory of A...Mammoth?

Okay, so it's not quite as good as an elephant's memory, but the Mammoth Password Manager still makes number four on this week's list of free iPhone apps. The application touts itself as an easy-to-use, secure program that helps you generate strong, unique passwords for any website. Mammoths might be extinct, but it doesn't look like this app will be anytime soon.

5. Paranormal Agency: The Ghosts of Wayne Mansion

If Luigi's Mansion is your cup of tea, Ghosts of Wayne Mansion is also free this week in the App Store. This mystery has you exploring a haunted house (think Clue, plus ghosts) and has some pretty stellar graphics for mobile as well. Usually $6.99, this mystery game won't cost you a penny for a limited time.

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6. Klep The Thief VR Missions: The Fun Never Stops

While on the subject of gaming, Klep The Thief is also free this week. As App Picker notes, this game has nearly unlimited levels, and makes use of hot, new virtual reality technology. This means that the player will actually feel like they're in the game world (or, as close as is currently technically feasible). VR is an emerging technology being used in a many games and other apps. So, raid on, fellow thieves, and steal this entertaining app for free while you can.

7. StickyBoard 2: Post-Its Gone Virtual

If you love Post-It Notes for everyday reminders (and who doesn't?), StickyBoard is your kind of app. Billed as a "giant whiteboard with an endless stack of sticky notes," it's a dream come true if you're about as organized as a procrastinating college student. The best part? No stickies to lose, of course. And the fact that the $4.99 price tag is temporarily slashed isn't so bad, either.

Let us know what you think of these apps, and which others you want to see added to the list, in the comments section below.

[Image via Pixabay]