Is Nike’s ‘Gold Digging’ Shirt Sexist?

Nike’s “Gold Digging” shirt is stirring up controversy amidst claim that it is sexist. The company was an official outfitter of the London Olympics, and, while they may have meant for the shirt to allude to striving for a gold medal, some feel they didn’t exactly go about it the right way.

The shirt is only available for women and, as we all know, “gold digger” is a term used for women who are only interested in a man’s money. So to have a t-shirt that says “gold digging” that is only available for women may have been a bit misguided, despite the company’s intentions.

The t-shirt is still being widely distributed, despite the controversy. Now that the Olympics have ended, some retailers have put the shirt on sale, but others are still selling it at its retail price. And since the shirt is being sold in so many places, it is unlikely that it will be pulled from stores or online shops., which is selling the t-shirt in a dark grey, wrote in its description of the shirt, “We aren’t saying they’re gold diggers – we’re just saying they’re out for the gold! What’s wrong with that?”

Apparently there is a lot wrong with it, at least according to some blogs and Twitter users.

Styleite, a fashion blog, tweeted that the women’s teams won two-thirds of the US’s gold medals, “and @Nike rewards them with this sexist tee.” Other users questioned Nike’s choice of words and the fact that the t-shirt wasn’t available in men’s sizes.

Others, however, don’t see anything wrong with the t-shirt and found it funny. One user said she received compliments when she wore the “Gold Digging” shirt.

Nike is still facing some controversy for a TV ad featuring a 200-pound boy that was aired at the beginning of the Olympics. The company also came under fire for its “Greatness Has Been Found” t-shirts that the US women’s soccer team wore after it won the gold medal against Japan.

Nike issued a statement regarding the shirt, saying:

“Nike has consistently supported female athletes and the position they enjoy as positive role models. The t-shirt uses a phrase in an ironic way that is relevant given it was released just as the world focused on the success of female athletes.”

Nike sexist "Gold Digging" shirt

Do you think Nike’s “Gold Digging” shirt is sexist?